Best Arborist in Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Are you a proud tree owner searching for the best arborist services available in Cottonwood Heights or nearby areas of Utah? Are you looking for transparent, straightforward arborists who take your time and tree care seriously?

You’ve come to the right place. The team at Reliable Tree Care has been serving Utah tree lovers for years, with high-quality, customized services to benefit every species of tree on your property. No job is too large or small for us: We’ll assist you with everything from basic pruning and fertilization up to large-scale tree removal jobs when necessary, with a special focus on tree health care and disease prevention. Learn more about our services or contact us for a free consultation with our arborists.

Our Arborist Team

You want professional arborists who take your trees and their care to heart, and that’s exactly what you get from Reliable Tree Care. All our arborists are dedicated experts, with years of experience across numerous tree species and potential issues that might crop up. We value transparency and honesty as foundations of our businesses, and we’ll always inform you of any required services and get your approval before beginning any new work.

In addition, you can rest easy knowing your services come from industry-backed pros. All our arborists are fully ISA-certified, and we carry all the proper insurance coverage to keep both you and our team protected.

Tree Health and Additional Services

You can count on us for all of the following arborist services:

  • Tree health care and preservation: We’ll provide a comprehensive assessment of the long-term health of your trees, plus the kinds of preventive services needed to keep them healthy and beautiful for decades to come. Through a combination of disease treatment and prevention, tree trimming, pruning and several other maintenance formats, your trees will receive only the top care. Many property owners find this improves their property values, liability concerns and even their eco-friendly approach.
  • Tree fertilization: One important part of our long-term care is our fertilization services, which start with our high-nutrient solutions that keep trees healthy and protected. Our fertilizers provide specific protection against risks like pest infection, disease acquisition and weather-related concerns.
  • Tree removal: When other preservation methods have failed, or if trees are becoming a danger to their surroundings or other nearby trees, we’re here to provide safe, economical tree removal services on your property. We’ll perform these services without risking damage to any of your structures or landscaping elements.


We also provide at-request services in each of the following additional areas:

  • Arborist reports and multi-year care plans for designated trees
  • Cabling, bracing and other stability services
  • Emergency tree services as needed
  • Holiday lighting services
  • Tree inventories, appraisals and risk assessment reports
  • Tree pest treatments and prevention methods

For more on any of our arborist services in Cottonwood Heights, or to schedule a free consultation with our team, speak to the staff at Reliable Tree Care