Tree Species that Produce Beautiful Autumn Views, Part 2

tree species autumn viewsIn part one of this two-part blog series, we went over a few of the tree species that produce the most beautiful leaves and foliage during the autumn season. This period of the year, a common favorite for many arborists and tree-lovers alike, produces some of the most stunning visuals available in nature. At Reliable Tree Care, we offer a wide variety of tree care services for all your trees, from fertilization and disease control to tree trimming, removal and numerous others. In today’s part two, we’ll dig into a few other tree species that you should strongly consider if autumn aesthetics are at the top of your list of desires. Shumard Oak Not only do many tree owners and observers enjoy these trees, many wildlife species do as well. This is mostly due to acorn production, whi

Tree Species that Produce Beautiful Autumn Views, Part 1

tree species beautiful autumnFor many who enjoy observing and spending time in nature, the autumn season is the best time of each year. Fall foliage around the country is a beautiful aesthetic, with colors like red, orange and gold gracing our landscapes. At Reliable Tree Care, we’re well aware that much of this splendor and beauty originates from trees. Whether you have a variety of trees that show off their qualities during fall or just a few, our team of arborists is here to help with branch structure pruning, tree spraying and insect control, deep root feeding and numerous other tree care services. We’re also on hand to assist if you’re looking to plant or import new trees that will improve your overall autumn aesthetic, plus provide other benefits during the rest of the year. This two-part blog will go o

Important Themes for Trimming Fruit Trees

themes trimming fruit treesTree trimming and pruning are vital areas for the health of a variety of tree types, particularly those that produce fruit. Important for everything from sunlight exposure to air circulation and structural integrity, trimming trees properly and in a timely fashion will make them healthier and cause greater production of quality fruit. At Reliable Tree Care, we offer a wide range of tree trimming services, from basic tree shaping to branch structure pruning, crown restoration and even removal when needed. Let’s look at some of the major themes we’ll touch on when we discuss trimming your fruit trees with you, including the proper timing and areas for said trimming plus the best periods of a given year to consider these services. Early in Lifespan Trimming becomes an important

Tree Pruning Impact and Frequency Recommendations, Part 2

tree pruning impact frequencyIn part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the basic impacts of pruning your trees, plus some seasonal tips on when this should be done. Tree pruning and trimming services are vital to the long-term healthy of your trees, helping them shed dead or dying branches and stay healthy in both their branch and root systems. At Reliable Tree Care, we’re here to offer branch structure pruning and several other tree trimming services at your convenience. How often should this be done? The answer depends on a few factors, including the tree species and your precise needs for it, but the most important factor here: The age of the tree. Mature trees tend to require a very different pruning routine than younger trees, and it’s important to understand these differences. With this in m

Tree Pruning Impact and Frequency Recommendations, Part 1

tree pruning frequency impact frequencyWhen it comes to long-term tree care, there are few areas more important than pruning. A type of trimming that involves strategically removing branches to benefit the health of the tree, pruning should be done at a few important times – and a lack of pruning can lead to several major developmental issues. At Reliable Tree Care, we’re happy to help with branch structure pruning and any other tree trimming services you require for your trees. In some cases, like when trees are growing improperly or a major weather event has damaged them, pruning may be necessary on a single-event basis. In others, namely for healthy trees, pruning should simply be done at regular intervals based on the tree species, age and other factors. This two-part blog will go over some of the major impact areas