Choosing Between Tree Removal and Medication

If you have a tree on your property that’s struggling, you may be wondering whether the right action to take is to trim and medicate it or remove it completely. Some trees may hold historical or sentimental value, and we often want to look to alternatives before completely removing it.

At Reliable Tree Care, we can help you make this important decision. Our tree removal services include first assessing whether this is the proper option for your tree and property, particularly if the tree is not fully dead and only has certain elements of damage. Here are some important areas we’ll help you consider as you choose which approach to take.

choosing tree removal medication

Proximity to Living Spaces

Human safety and comfort are the first and most important considerations here. Does the tree impact areas like sidewalks, roads, yards, electrical lines or other important elements? If so, or if the tree is at risk of falling near or on a dwelling, replacement might be in the cards if there’s no way to trim or otherwise limit the potential for damage here. There’s no perfect data on the numbers here, but people are hurt and killed every year due to falling trees or limbs – make sure you avoid this at all costs.

Costs of Medication Vs. Replacement

If the tree isn’t providing direct danger or impediment, the next question to ask is regarding the costs of removing it versus other options. If you have a small seedling with an easily identifiable and manageable disease, for instance, treating it can cost as little as $10 and makes far more sense than any removal. Some diseases can be treated with little else beyond water and nutrients.

Other cases, however, aren’t so easily managed. Larger saplings can cost thousands of dollars to treat with medications, and may take years of treatment to see results. And in these cases, you have to consider the long-term cost of this medication as well.

Chances of Recovery

Another area to consider if you’re thinking of medicating your tree is just how realistic the chances are of recovery. There’s no exact way to tell here, but our pros can assess your damage and determine the degree of canopy damage and the disease or issue causing it. Some trees just need better watering processes, but others may have reached a disease stage that makes full recovery impossible.

Long-Term View

It’s important to remember that trees have longer lifespans than humans – the trees on your property are highly likely to outlive you. This means that the sooner you replace older, failing trees with newer seedlings, the sooner others in the future will be able to enjoy these.

For more on whether you should remove your damaged tree or consider other outlets, or to learn about any of our tree trimming or removal services, speak to the pros at Reliable Tree Care today.