Does Peeling Tree Bark Mean You Need an Arborist?

Have you spotted peeling tree bark in your landscape recently? Seeking advice from a local arborist could be in your best interest.

Peeling tree bark isn’t always a cause for concern. But, in some cases, bark loss can point to a bigger problem – and when it comes to tree care, certified arborists are the experts. If one of your trees has peeling bark, an arborist can check it out and, if necessary, nurse it back to health.

Peeling Tree Bark Arborist

Peeling Bark is Normal for Some Species

Peeling can be a natural part of the growth process, as the old outer covering is shed to make way for new bark. This may occur very slowly – at such a slow pace that the bark falling away is hardly noticeable – or the shedding process may be quite dramatic.

Tree species that are often prone to peeling bark include:

  • Sycamore
  • Maple
  • Birch
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Ash

Signs that Peeling Tree Bark is a Problem

Bark loss isn’t always due to growth – peeling can also be caused by weather stress, insect infestations and certain fungal diseases.

When you can see healthy bark under the peeling layers, there probably isn’t a problem. If, however, you spy any of the following signs, your tree could use an arborist’s care:

  • Peeling after excessive summer heat
  • Bark cracking and peeling away after frost
  • Signs of stress like cankers, water spouts, oozing sap, wilting leaves, dying branches or early leaf drop

What to Do if You Notice Trees with Peeling Bark

If you see peeling, your first step is to consider the species – shedding large chunks of bark could be completely normal. In that case, you shouldn’t need to take any further action.

If peeling isn’t a normal phenomenon for the species, but you don’t see any other symptoms, weather stress is a likely culprit. To help a weather-stressed tree, you can try watering when the soil is dry and applying a layer of organic mulch.

A smarter approach, however, is to seek out the expertise of a local certified arborist. Peeling bark can affect the overall health and lifespan of a tree, and an arborist has the skill and training to treat the problem. Plus, if the issue is due to pest infestation or disease, an experienced arborist can recommend effective treatments or, if needed, provide tree removal service to keep the problem from affecting the other plants on your property.

Do any of your trees have peeling bark? If you suspect a problem – or you simply want a professional opinion – call on a local certified arborist. In the greater Salt Lake City area, the Reliable Tree Care team can offer expert advice and assistance.

Reliable Tree Care, a northern Utah industry leader for over 20 years, offers free comprehensive yard evaluations and arborist treatment estimates to homeowners and businesses. If your trees have peeling bark, contact our Murray office and schedule a complimentary, no-pressure property analysis from a highly-trained and experienced certified arborist today.