Tree Fertilization

fertilization utahTrees get stressed out too! They face environmental pressures, such as over-watering, compacted soil, and pollution. Utah trees and shrubs deserve a fertilization program that has been developed through many years of research and trial. Using a complete and balanced fertilizer with micro- and macro-nutrients provides your plants with everything they need to stay healthy. We utilize two different methods to apply our balanced tree fertilizers, deep root feeding and foliar treatments.

Did you know that Utah soil has less than 1% (by weight) of the organic matter your trees need to survive? In an urban environment struggling and even established trees need fertilization. Homeowners rake up leaves, pick up lawn clippings, and remove tree and shrub trimming that would provide valuable nutrients to your soil. These factors make it important to have a comprehensive fertilizer program. Give your trees the nutrients they need to thrive for years to come!

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