Foliar Fertilizer

An apple a day!

Foliar fertilization imageGetting a consistent supply of nutrients is a challenge all Utah trees face. Everything can affect the vitality of a tree; location, species, watering, prevailing winds, exposure and soil quality are a few of the more common challenges. With such a vast array of things to cause stress to your beloved trees, it becomes a necessity to come to their aide.

Did you know it only takes 24 hours before the tree has pulled in and begun processing the nutrients?

Foliar Fertilizer Helps Your Tree, Fast!


A foliar application is the fastest way to get help to your tree. A special blend of micro and macro nutrients is applied directly to the leaf surface. The Chlorophyll sets to work immediately changing them into starches, sugars and carbohydrates before distributing them through its vascular system for cell growth and development.

Providing your trees with high quality nutrients and seeing them bloom and grow is what we at Reliable Tree Care love to do. Call us so our Certified Arborists can show you what a great fertilization program can do for you.

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