Tree Borer Treatment

   Greater Peach Tree Borer Treatment

This is the biggest killer of peach, nectarine, cherry, and plum trees in Utah.  Adults lay their eggs from soil level to the first scaffolding limbs.  Then larvae hatch and eat away the foundation of the tree cutting off the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients, resulting in rapid branch and tree dieback.  Large amounts of gummy sap, mixed with sawdust will come from their feeding areas.   A single attack will be devastating to your trees.  Call us to have an arborist inspect and prescribe preventative treatments.


  Lesser Peach Tree Borer Treatment

This borer is similar to the greater peach tree borer, only it is not as afraid of heights.  It will attack the higher scaffolding limbs, whereas the greater peach tree borer will only attack the base.  Eggs are laid in damaged areas of the upper trunk and branches.  After hatching, the larvae burrow under the bark and feast on the yummy vascular tissues.  Gummy sap, mixed with sawdust will begin seeping from the wound.  Prevention is necessary so call us for diagnosis and prescription of treatments.

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