Fruit Trees for Winter Planting

Winter treesAre you already dreaming about fruit trees, cherry blossoms and a veritable smorgasbord in your yard? Some fruit trees aren’t just OK with being planted in the winter — they actually prefer it!

There’s no need to wait until the spring thaw to give your green thumb a workout. Plan early and you’ll have a bountiful harvest before anyone else. Plant these options bare-root and it won’t be long before you’ll have a real yard-to-table dining experience.

Peaches adore cold weather planting, but they don’t care for too much dampness. Plant them next to a south-facing wall if you can, for extra warmth.

Homeowners with an abundance of rails, fences and gazebos have grapes as an option. The American strains are toughest against mildew, easier to grow and generally sturdier than their European counterparts.

For an extra pop of color, consider strawberries as your ground cover — and remember that although strawberries are technically perennials, it’s best to replace them every two to three years.

A Berry Merry Christmas

But strawberries aren’t the only berry option for winter planting. Blueberries do very well in almost every region. They also offer gorgeous color and double as a garden plant as well as a food source. However, if fruit flies trouble you, keep in mind that blueberries may attract them, but row covers (garden fabric) can help keep your fruit safe.

You can also go with cherries, but it’s best to choose a yellow variety (birds can’t resist the red). Another alternative is to net the tree. Surprisingly, cherries don’t like a too-mild winter, so states with four seasons are great for this fruit.

Apples come in all shapes and colors, but the early ripening types do best if planted in winter. Unfortunately, they also spoil fast. This makes them excellent for making applesauce or to store for later. Moths are attracted to them, but a simple sticky strip is usually enough to keep these fruits secure.

Talk About an Early Gift!

’Tis the season of giving, and your local nursery has a treat for you! Winter is notoriously the slow season for nurseries, which means you’ll have prime picking and maybe score some great deals. Overall, bare-root plants are more affordable, since they haven’t been potted. They’re also lighter, simpler to transport and get settled faster than plants in a container.

You’ll also have plenty of time to get your organic gardening habits down before spring rolls around, since you’re only pampering a few, favored fruit trees and shrubs.

Need a little extra help with your tree TLC this time of year? From pruning to fertilizing and everything in between, count on the local experts at Reliable Tree Care. We’re your fruit tree service specialists, available throughout the holidays for all your maintenance needs.