Holiday Lighting Tips

When decking the halls takes you outdoors, you need holiday lighting tips from the professionals.

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Not only is stringing your own lights and holiday decorations dangerous (and often a literal slippery slope), it can also be expensive. Quality outdoor lights are expensive, especially considering they stay in a box in your attic for most of the year.

Why buy when you can borrow from local holiday lighting experts? Even better, let the professionals take care of the ladder-climbing and the frozen hands, while you sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the holidays light up your yard.

If you do decide to string some holiday lights yourself, you must follow some key safety tips. First, ensure the ladder you use is wooden or fiberglass to help avoid electric shock. Also examine each string of lights closely before hanging. Look for tears, frayed wires and other red flags.

Never let bulbs touch branches, and keep them as far from the bark as possible and away from dry pine needles or leaves. All sockets should have bulbs, especially if they are within reach of children, since empty sockets are an electric shock hazard.

Safe Holiday Lighting

Avoid overloading outlets and extension cords, and ensure only three-wire grounded outlets are used for outdoor lighting.
Always keep lights and connections off the ground, unless you have a lit decoration that’s meant to be on grass. Only use outdoor lights outdoors and indoor lights indoors.

Finally, as tempting as it may be, it’s always best to turn off lights when you’re not home. Otherwise, you have a soaring electrical bill at best and a fire hazard at worst. One of two peak seasons for home fires is the winter holidays. Often, winter fires are caused by forgotten candles, poor-quality holiday lighting, and hot bulbs too close to dry foliage.

Light Up Your Holidays

Anyone who’s strung holiday lights before, especially outside, knows that the concept is a lot homier than the reality. Especially in regions like Utah where winter months can be brutal, many homeowners prefer to hire a professional to take care of this chore. It’s relatively affordable, and you’ll have stunning, safe decorations in just a few hours.

Start the season in style and safety, and rely on the pros for all your holiday lighting needs. Get a jump-start on your perfect outdoor wonderland before Thanksgiving comes. Call Reliable Tree Care and connect with a team of professionals who will make your holiday lighting dreams come true.