Protecting Trees from the Hot, Dry Utah Summer

As those who have lived here for any significant period of time are well aware, summers in Utah are hot, dry affairs. For those with trees they care for on their property, helping them establish root systems and obtain proper water and other nutrients despite long drought periods is a vital task.

At Reliable Tree Care, we’re here to help through several tree care services. We offer everything from tree fertilization to high-quality tree trimming and removal services when needed, plus numerous other areas of certified arborist expertise to keep your trees healthy and beautiful throughout the warm season. Let’s go over a few important areas for protecting trees during the hot, dry summer.

protecting trees Utah summe

Mulch Concerns

As some tree and shrub owners well know after years of use, mulch holds multiple benefits when used in the garden. For starters, it offers several potential nutrients and also allows for a solid receiving surface for water and other substances.

For another, however, mulch can be highly valuable for protecting root systems and other areas from the heat of the heavy summer sun – but it’s vital not to take this theme too far. Some tree owners hear that and think they need to pile up as much mulch as humanly possible around their smaller trees to protect them from the heat, but this may actually risk several other major issues. In particular, too much mulch around the base of your trees will risk several insects that will view this as a safe harbor.

All you really need is a four-foot diameter of mulch around your tree base to help with water retention. Just use a single layer of strong mulch, rather than several layers. If your mulch becomes piled up, try to spread it out evenly to prevent pest infestation.


Vital for all trees is the proper watering and nutrient nourishment they require. As you might expect, trees vary in terms of their watering needs, both by species and by their age and maturity – older, more mature trees require roughly five gallons of water once a week for each inch of tree diameter (at the broadest part of the tree). For younger, more vulnerable trees, the general recommendation is upped to twice a week, using this same basic math.

The best setup here, and one most property owners utilize, is a deep root feeder or a basic sprinkler system. Some also use irrigation systems, though these can be limited in how well they water many tree types and will not properly support all root systems.

Revitalizing Struggling Trees

In some cases, even with great care provided, some trees will struggle with water supply or other summer issues. Our pros are here to help in these cases, with services ranging from fall fertilization to several others that bring needed nutrients to trees that may be struggling.

For more on protecting your trees during summer, or to learn about any of our tree care services, speak to the staff at Reliable Tree Care today.