Put Quaking Aspens in Your Tree Services Plan

Tree services include working with an arborist to choose the best native plants and trees that will thrive in your yard.

For many Utahns, planting a quaking aspen is a matter of pride. As Utah’s official state tree, the quaking aspen, also known as the populus tremuloides, looks like the European aspen, but don’t confuse the two.

quaking aspens

Native to cool regions in North America, this deciduous tree is one of the many aspen varieties. You might also see tree services pros calling them trembling aspens, Quakies, white poplars, mountain/golden aspens, popples, and simple American aspens.

Quakies have trunks reaching up to 82 feet and feature a smooth, fair bark, often marked with black scars.

Tree Services: Planting and Caring

Utahns love Quakies for their shiny green foliage that turns yellow, gold and sometimes red in the fall.

Naturally, Quakies create big groves, thanks to root propagation systems, which helped them become the most common tree in the U.S. You’ll find them from Mexico to Canada, showcasing their flexible petioles (the place where leaf blade meets stem), which gives them their common names.

Quakies grow fast and have moderately sized trunks ranging from 8 inches to nearly 3 feet in diameter. The biggest Quakie on record was almost 120 feet tall and nearly 5 feet in trunk diameter. Solid black knots are a marker of the species, and in Utah, it’s common to see vertical scars where elk have left their mark.

Are Quakies for You?

Whenever you plant a tree, it’s important to choose a native species that will do well in your soil and environment.

quaking-aspen-leavesUtah’s state tree is widely found throughout the country, but prefers colder autumns and winters like those in Utah. Fast-growing and relatively tall, Quakies provide great shade and fantastic privacy. They’re perfect for homeowners who aren’t patient when it comes to tree growth.

All aspens are dioecious, which means they have different male and female clones. The flowers of aspens are more like fluff, making it easy for the wind to spread the seeds in early summer when mature trees are ready.

Quakies are easy to care for, although like all saplings, they need a little extra TLC until they’re big and sturdy enough to fend for themselves. Part of tree services for Quakie saplings may include fertilization, pest and disease control, and regular pruning, depending on your soil, location and the temperature swings.

Unfortunately, a dieback of aspens began in the 1990s, speeding up in the early aughts. Complete groves have died in some instances, though no sign of excessive disease or pests has been found. Wild aspens might be dying due to too much grazing and wildfire suppression.

Planting a Quakie helps show off your Utah pride while also aiding in a resurgence of these gorgeous trees. Call Reliable Tree Care for all your tree services, including planting your very own Quakie.