Seek an Arborist’s Advice about Tree Removal

Get an arborist’s opinion first if you’re thinking of tree removal. This is even more important if the tree is old.

Seek an Arborist’s Advice about Tree Removal

Making the decision to remove an old tree is never easy, and it can be difficult to know when its time has come. Because this decision should be based on several factors, including its health and location, getting advice from a local certified arborist is important.

Not all old trees need to be removed. If cared for properly, many can remain in place for years to come. A local certified arborist has the expertise to tell if yours poses a problem. If so, they can remove it.

Why Your Arborist May Recommend Old Tree Removal

In evaluating trees for removal, a certified arborist is guided by a risk assessment protocol. This involves several key considerations regarding the potential for risk, including:

  • Does the tree have large dead branches, disease, pest infestation or other problems?
  • Is it in danger of dropping large limbs or falling?
  • Are the roots creating structural damage on the property?
  • Does the placement make the property difficult to use?
  • Could removal benefit the local ecosystem?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, the arborist may recommend removing the tree.

Keeping and Caring for Old Trees

Sometimes, trees have sentimental value — and that alone may override a decision based on future risk.

For example, a homeowner might be reluctant to take down a tree that was planted to commemorate their grandchild’s birth, or one that plays a role in treasured family memories. In those cases, whenever possible, your arborist can help you explore alternatives to removal.

Ongoing services such as proper fertilization, branch trimming, insect management and disease control can often help homeowners delay the removal of their old trees.

Making a Decision about Tree Removal

If you’re concerned about the old trees on your property, a local certified arborist can assess their condition and give you an expert opinion on whether you need to remove them. If they can be saved, an arborist can offer tips and services to help them remain healthy and strong.

Ultimately, the decision to keep or take down your old tree is yours to make. In addition to weighing your comfort level about future risk, consider the cost of removal versus the cost of regular services.

Would you like to have a local, certified arborist take a look at your old trees? If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area, schedule a consultation with the Reliable Tree Care.

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