The Team

This is our team. These are the champions of arboriculture, the service fanatics, and the tree huggers. We strive to attract the best and the brightest with a passion for tree care by investing heavily in our employees’ growth. It is our belief that fostering an environment where employees are able to learn and progress is the best way to ensure that every member of the Reliable Tree Care crew is satisfied in their work and dedicated to providing our clients with the best service in the valley. There are several Certified Arborists among our ranks, and team members in all areas of the company are encouraged to continually learn more about the trees that we care for.


Emily MacDuff

team image2Emily has been with RTC for over 10 years and has worked her way up to our HR Specialist/Scheduling Coordinator position. Having worked in almost all positions within the company she understands all aspects of the company. A natural born problem solver, Emily knows and thrives on figuring out and fixing any problem or concerns our clients may have. Emily is a very passionate tree enthusiast and loves that RTC is here to help bring back the balance to nature. She is a self-taught pianist, enjoys long boarding and going on walks with her dogs.


Brian Mertens

Brian is originally from Florida but has since relocated to Utah. He has been with RTC for over team image35 years. He is enthusiastic about doing a great job and always serves with a smile. You can count on Brian if you’re in need of a good laugh or to bring joy to your day. Brian is one of our most skilled technicians and we are grateful he chose to be a part of the RTC team. He basically lives at the gym when he isn’t working and enjoys most outdoor activities.


Debbie MacDuff

Debbie is our CEO and part of the founding pair that has steered Reliable Tree Care into the flourishing business it is today. She thrives in the fast-paced environment that comes from overseeing all company operations. The chaos that arises from unexpected or unseasonal weather doesn’t faze her. In fact, she enjoys the challenge. Her persistence and vision keep us moving forward, but what she really enjoys is seeing growth and expansion driven by the ambitions and efforts of individual employees. team image5As she has studied trees and earned her Arborist Certification with the ISA, she has learned to appreciate the many benefits that trees provide for our community. Debbie thoroughly enjoys traveling with her family and experiencing new cities and cultures.


Jim MacDuff

You would be safe calling Jim the brains of the operation. For all the talent and knowledge found throughout our staff, Jim is our tree guru that has provided much of the training and mentoring to build such a skilled team. He and Debbie started Reliable Tree Care together based on tree care experience that Jim has cultivated since he was a child. One of Jim’s favorite aspects of working with our community’s trees is that he’s done it long enough to watch trees mature on individual properties over the course of decades. A long time ISA Certified Arborist, he loves learning more about trees and staying current on the latest scientific advances in tree care. Even when he isn’t working, Jim enjoys grafting trees and working in his garden.

Alex MacDuff

Son of Debbie and Jim MacDuff, Alex has grown up with the company. team image7Like father like son, Alex has had extensive tree knowledge since he was a kid. Working as both a Sprayer and Trimmer before becoming a certified Arborist, Alex has over a decade of tree care experience. Our clients know him as a happy, kind and knowledgeable Arborist who can answer any question they throw at him. Some of his non-tree related interests include researching history, playing strategy based games with friends and listening to podcasts.