The Utah Arborist’s Guide to Tree Watering

A certified Utah arborist is an excellent resource for information on tree watering.

Keeping trees adequately watered is essential for their long-term health. Too much or too little water can result in stress and damage. For that reason, experienced arborists consider proper watering to be one of the most important aspects of tree care and maintenance.

For expert tree-watering advice based upon your specific climate and growing conditions, call on the experienced team at Reliable Tree Care.

The Utah Arborist’s Guide to Tree Watering

How to Tell When it’s Time to Water Your Trees

At first glance, it isn’t always easy to tell if your trees need water. For that reason, certified arborists recommend checking the soil.

To do so, dig about 6 to 8 inches down. If the soil feels moist, wait another day or two to water. If the earth seems dry, or if you have difficulty digging into the soil, water immediately.

How to Water Trees the Right Way

For effective watering, you need to reach the roots. To that end, certified arborists advise against frequent, light watering.

Instead, deeply water the soil within the dripline, reaching from the trunk to the ends of the branches. To help retain the moisture as long as possible, be sure to mulch. Arborists generally recommend applying a 2-to-4-inch layer of organic mulch, leaving a few inches of space around the trunk.

How to Recognize the Signs You’re Overwatering Your Trees

If the soil at the base of a tree is constantly damp, you’re probably overwatering. Other signs of overwatering include:

New growth that withers before it matures
Young leaves that turn light green or yellow
Leaves that look vibrant and healthy but are brittle and break easily
Algae or mushroom growth in the soil within the dripline

How to Recognize the Signs You’re Underwatering Your Trees

Dry soil is a clear indicator that you’re underwatering. Utah arborists also advise looking for other signs, including:

Leaves that are wilted, curled or brown at the edges
A sparse canopy with undersized or off-color leaves
Premature fall color
Early leaf drop

Are your trees getting too much or too little water? If you’re not sure, call on the professional arborist team at Reliable Tree Care.

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