Tips for Holiday Lighting

Holiday Lighting

’Tis the season for holiday lighting, and if you want to tap your inner Griswold, that means decking the outdoors as well as the halls.

Exterior holiday lighting looks stunning, but it’s not quite as much fun to DIY. That’s why so many homeowners rely on holiday lighting experts who can stand the snow and cold (and have arborist training, too). If you want to try to tackle this job yourself, your first step is to ensure the lights and other decorations you choose are made for the outdoors.

Inspecting light strands is (still) a holiday tradition, especially the outdoor variety. A frayed cord or any otherwise faulty material can be a serious fire hazard.

You’ll also need to plot how to hide cords the best you can. You can use garlands or match the cords to trees, patios or house trim.

Before the actual stringing begins, you’ll also need a quality ladder and tools for hanging. That alone can cost you a pretty penny (and be dangerous!), which is when savvy holiday revelers call for professional help.

Deck the Yard!

Light clips can hold even heavier lights and attach to your home and trees without damage. Avoid hanging your light strings with nails, which cause permanent marks and can also be tough to remove once the season is over. Clips can be re-used each year, are affordable and can be selected to match the color of the backdrop, whether it’s a porch or your favorite birch tree.

Where you have your lights is equally important—and remember that not all trees and shrubs are sturdy enough to support lights.

Only string lights from branches that are strong, solid and unlikely to break. Hanging strings a little closer to the trunk helps, as does keeping an eye out for nesting animals, pre-existing damage, rot or infestations. These aren’t always easy to spot, and an expert can inspect your trees and shrubs while also decorating your landscape.

All About Aesthetics

This is one time of year you don’t have to have just one focal point. You can use various points around the yard, especially if you’re going all out. Homeowners lucky enough to have a pine tree or other seasonal-looking tree can decorate it just like the one in the living room.

Outdoor ornaments that are durable (but you won’t miss if they go missing themselves) are key. You can also go with a variety of tree toppers, so if you’ve never been able to choose between a star and an angel, now you can have both.

Decorating is a thrill, but just like indoors, it’s the lights that can be the biggest pain. You don’t want to damage your home or trees in the process, nor do you want a fire hazard. Call Reliable Tree Care for fast, professional and gorgeous holiday lighting.