Top Tree Services for Labor Day Weekend

Summer Tree Service

Get your final summer tree services taken care of by the last hot weather holiday — Labor Day — but leave the labor to the professionals. Whether you’re hosting a barbeque, taking it easy or heading out of town for the long weekend, make sure your to-do list includes scheduling tree services.

Autumn is right around the corner, and trees and shrubs need a little TLC (especially if they’re not evergreens). Start by getting insects under control. It’s prime season for aphids, beetles, scale and spider mites to take over, and nipping that problem in the bug is a must.

Fight Disease and Fertilize

Next up? It’s disease control for your trees. Whether your plants have a penchant for bacteria and pathogens, tree fungus or another common problem, you want to go into fall knowing your trees are as healthy as they can be. Give them a boost with fertilization, from foliar fertilizing treatments to deep-root feedings. Fertilization cycles depend on your region, the plant species and its age, but a trusted arborist will know if your greenery needs the help of fertilizer and which option is best.

If you have fruit trees, chances are high that you’ve enjoyed your bounty for the year. However, that doesn’t mean these trees are safe and sound. They might be falling victim to dormant oil, codling moths or borers, which are tough problems for non-arborists to spot. If you want to make sure you have fruit to enjoy next year, these trees could use a little extra attention.

All the Trimmings

Your picnic table isn’t the only place in the back yard that will have all the trimmings this Labor Day weekend. Your trees need trimming too, whether you need removal of dead or overgrown branches, crown restoration or a little shaping for autumn. Make sure the branch structure is properly trimmed and shaped, especially if you plan to use trees for Halloween decorations.

Holiday lighting is also popular, with many homeowners opting for white twinkle lights for late-night autumn BBQs. You might also be prepping for the haunting season, picking up orange and purple lights to string around the home. However, if you want all the beauty of lighting without any of the trouble or risks, now is the time to hire an expert to string lights for you. What might seem like an easy job of tree and roof lighting can quickly get overwhelming.

Is your yard in shape for autumn? It’s a major job, and non-experts can easily overlook red flags. Wait too long to care for your trees and plants, and it might be too late (especially if a disease or full pest infestation is at play). Contact Reliable Tree Care to schedule your Labor Day weekend tree services and head into autumn with the best yard on the block.