Tree and Shrub Fertilization with Pine Needles

Pine Needle Fertilization

If you’re looking for a cheap, fantastic tree and shrub fertilization option and you have pine trees in your yard, it’s literally right under your nose! Pine needles are nature’s ready-made mulch, providing the exact nutrients your soil needs.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners are initially put off by all those needles because they have a knack for getting everywhere. Some even try to battle them, but that’s a fight you’re sure to lose. Instead of worrying over the blanket of pine needles, embrace it!

Pine needles are acidic, which is why weeds (or any other greenery!) rarely grow near pine trees. Instead of giving in to temptation and adding rocks or bark chips to try and tame the needle spread, consider welcoming this more organic, natural landscaping and let the needles fall as they may.

Live in Harmony with Your Pine Trees

Pine trees also offer up pine cones, sometimes en masse, and that’s a good thing! Pine cones are like pine needles on steroids, providing a gorgeous and highly effective blanket of nutrients to your garden. They slowly disintegrate over time, getting absorbed back into the soil to help continue the tree’s life cycle.

While you may want to sweep these cones off of patios and walkways, it’s a good idea to let them be. After all, pine trees in the wilderness aren’t in need of constant tidying.

Pine cones also come with the added benefit of being popular homes for spiders. Arachnophobes should appreciate this, because it means spiders are less likely to call their windows and awnings home.

If you can’t handle the excess pine cones, or want even more assurance against spiders, use fallen pine cones near your home around other trees and bushes like you would mulch. Not only are they free, natural and beautiful, but they also help keep helpful bugs a little farther away from your front door!

Landscaping with Pine Trees

Landscaping and lawn care is a must for ensuring a safe, lovely, healthy yard, but it’s possible to take it to the extreme. Acknowledging the beauty of more organic landscaping won’t just mean less work for you (or lower out-of-pocket expenses earmarked for your landscaper), but it also helps you enjoy the gorgeousness of your yard in an au naturel state.

A reputable landscaper appreciates this approach and can help you care for your pine trees accordingly.

Still, sometimes pine trees need a little extra trimming and pruning, especially when they are used as part of a holiday lights display. When that’s the case, make sure only the most qualified tree services professionals are on hand. Call Reliable Tree Care today and get your plants in great shape with tree and shrub fertilization.