Tree Care Tips: Protecting Your Trees During Home Construction 

Tree care is an important part of planning a home construction project. Construction activities can damage or kill your beautiful, healthy trees. But with a little planning and forethought, you can ensure that your landscape survives your building project unscathed.

Tree Care Tips: Protecting Your Trees During Home Construction 

Working with an experienced local arborist such as the Reliable Tree Care team can help minimize the impact of construction on your trees. Certified arborists understand the steps necessary for protecting against tree damage during a home building project.

Evaluate Trees Near the Planned Construction Site

Before the building project begins, your arborist will walk the property and conduct a tree inventory.

Landscaping trees that are close enough to be damaged by the building process can often be moved, but tree removal is also an option. Some trees may be too mature to transplant successfully, and any that are severely diseased or infested with insects may need to come down.

Prepare Trees Before Construction Begins

Not every tree near a home construction project site needs to be moved or removed, however. But trees that do remain in place need some extra care and attention before any work starts.

Healthier trees stand a better chance of surviving the construction process. To ensure the trees’ best possible health, certified arborists perform several tree care services, including pruning, soil testing, fertilizing and mulching.

Create Barriers to Protect Trees from Construction Damage

For a tree to stay healthy and strong, construction work must steer completely clear of the protected root zone, or the area within the tree’s dripline.

To avoid construction damage, an experienced arborist can create barriers to protect the root zones of landscaping trees. In addition, your arborist may recommend having your builder sign a landscape protection contract, to help ensure off-limits areas are not disturbed during construction.

Inspect Trees After Your Construction Project Is Complete

Once the construction work is complete, your arborist can carefully inspect landscaping trees for damage.

Some problems may not be immediately apparent, but certified arborists are skilled at identifying early signs of stress, such as leaf wilt, top dieback, slow growth and early fall coloring. Stressed trees are more likely to become diseased or infested, which can lead to their deaths.

With comprehensive tree care services, it is possible to save landscaping trees with construction damage. To treat trunk and crown injuries, an arborist may prune, improve soil aeration at the root zone and install cables or bracing rods. Ongoing monitoring is typically necessary to ensure tree preservation.

If you’re planning a Salt Lake City-area construction project and want to protect your landscaping trees, call on the certified arborists at Reliable Tree Care.

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