Tree Insect Control a Must for Your Home and Garden

Tree Insect Control

Do you have tree insects under control? It doesn’t matter how good your garden looks if you’re dealing with unwanted guests. Everything from aphids to a locust invasion can instantly kill a look and can prove to be embarrassing at barbecues or dinner parties. Unfortunately, the stigma about having pests still persists, and often it has little to do with how clean your digs (or lawn!) are.

However, you also don’t want to bombard yourself and your family with potentially harmful chemicals. Calling in a chemical-heavy terminator might fix the problem with pesticides, but at what cost? The good news is that you can find plenty of green — and sometimes cruelty-free — ways to get rid of pests. A green arborist can get your property gorgeous again safely.

First Up: Prepping Your Tree

Preventing insect invasion is a lot easier, faster and more cost-effective than tackling them post-infection. Hire a tree expert to examine your trees each spring and fall, since the telltale signs of a pest problem aren’t always obvious. Regular trimming and pruning can go a long way in preventing infestations, plus they ensure an arborist is always up close and personal with your trees.

Young trees can be more susceptible to an infestation, especially if they’re an uncommon species in your neighborhood. (Insects are attracted to different types of trees and species — you might be the only homeowner offering up a tasty ash tree in a 5-mile radius!) However, a tree expert can spot early warning signs and help you get the problem under control in an eco-friendly way (if you prefer) before the issue gets out of hand.

Taking Care of Creepy Crawlies

Spiders and slugs (though technically not crawly) can be a nuisance. Unfortunately for arachnophobes, what Mom said was true and spiders really do eat bugs that might bite you or eat your garden. If you can put up with them, and their cobwebs, it’s best to let these garden regulars stay.

Slugs are a different story. These nuisances are renowned for loving beer so much you can even find commercial beer traps on the market. However, all you really need is a cup of yogurt with a little booze, or a near-empty longneck planted near the flower beds, and they’ll crawl right in and drown.

The Dreaded Cucaracha & Friends

Cockroaches are long known as the ultimate in filth, and other insects don’t have a much better reputation. If you’re dealing with these, you know that any home or garden can easily become infested because they have the ability to home in on even a single crumb. If your trees and plants are providing an irresistible home to cockroaches or other bugs, contact Reliable Tree care for fast, effective and harmless-to-human tree insect control.