Tree Insect Control: Putting the Squeeze on Stink Bugs

Tree insect control services can help protect your landscape from the damaging effects of pest infestation.

Tree Insect Control:

Brown marmorated stink bugs are somewhat new to Utah, as they were first detected in Salt Lake City in 2012. Since then, stinkbugs have grown to become a serious nuisance. In fact, these pests have already caused severe damage to commercial crops in our region.

Stink bug management can be difficult, but an experienced tree insect control company can help you keep these destructive pests from undermining the health of your trees.

What Are Stink Bugs?

Brown marmorated stink bugs are shield-shaped flying insects that measure about a half-inch long. As their name suggests, these insects are mostly brown, but adults also have marbled gray and black areas. Eggs are light green or white and found in clusters on the undersides of leaves.

Stink bugs are known to feed on more than 106 plant types, including the buds, leaves and stems of many different trees, shrubs and woody plants. In northern Utah and along the Wasatch Front, the pests are most commonly found on ornamental varieties.

However, fruit trees and crops can also become infested — these insects have been detected in orchards and vegetable fields in the counties of Utah, Salt Lake, Box Elder, Davis and Weber.

How Do You Know if You Have Tree Insects?

A visual check of your trees can often reveal a stink bug infestation. Adult stink bugs release a pheromone that causes the pests to congregate, and large groups of these insects can be easy to spot.

However, adults tend to gather on taller trees and shrubs, so they may be harder to see from the ground. Consequently, you’ll have to look toward other cues to know if your landscape is infested. Inspect your trees for damaged or chewed leaves and stems, and if you have fruit trees, examine the produce for sunken, corky lesions and discolored spots.

How Do Tree Insect Control Services Manage Stink Bugs?

Sometimes insecticides aren’t effective against adult stink bugs, as these insects are strong fliers and highly tolerant of insecticide residue. However, some broad-spectrum insecticides can help eradicate the pests, particularly when applied soon after detection.

In addition to or instead of insecticide, small shrubs can be protected with floating row covers or fine-mesh netting. Wrapping tree trunks with adhesive bands can also be helpful in preventing a stink bug infestation. Placing hanging fruits in breathable bags can keep them from becoming a stinkbug’s lunch. Pheromone traps can also help with insect control, working to both detect and lure stink bugs away.

The insect control professionals at Reliable Tree Care, serving the greater Salt Lake City area for more than 20 years, have the expertise to recommend effective, environmentally conscious strategies for managing all types of destructive pests found throughout northern Utah.

To schedule a free, comprehensive yard evaluation with the Reliable Tree Care team, or to learn more about our tree insect control services, contact our Murray, Utah, office today.