Tree Insect Control to Combat the Flathead Borer

Without tree insect control services, pests like flathead borers can have a devastating effect on your landscape.

Tree Insect Control:

Pacific flatheaded and flatheaded apple tree borers attack fruit and ornamental trees here in northern Utah. Newly planted trees are particularly prone to borer activity, as are those that are stressed or wounded.

A flathead borer infestation can weaken or even lead to the death of a tree. Fortunately, professional tree insect control services can prevent the spread of these destructive pests.

What Are Flathead Borers?

Flathead borers are wood-boring pests about one-half to three-quarters of an inch long. These pests have oval heads and flattened, boat-shaped bodies. Pacific flatheaded borers are brown with gray markings, while the apple tree species is greenish-bronze.

Both types of borers lay eggs in sun-exposed bark crevices. Here in northern Utah, the months of June and July are peak times for egg laying. By mid to late summer, the eggs hatch and the larvae immediately begin to bore into the plant.

How Can You Tell if You Have These Tree Insects?

You might spot adult borers on the sunny sides of your tree trunks in the summertime. Unfortunately, the adults are not always easily visible, even on badly infested trees.

To identify a borer infestation, inspect the trunk and branches for common symptoms. Signs of a potential pest infestation include the following:

  • Cracked, peeling or splitting bark
  • Sap oozing from the trunk or lower limb wounds
  • Bark areas that are lumpy, spongy or sunken
  • Sawdust-like material under flaking bark
  • Oval or D-shaped holes left by adult borers exiting the tree

Tree Insect Control Can Manage Flathead Borers

Most flathead borer infestations can be prevented with the help of a certified arborist and professional tree services as well as a few hands-on practices.

Selecting trees that are well-suited to your local growing conditions will go a long way toward heading off these destructive pests, as will using the proper planting techniques. In addition, maintaining tree heath and having regular professional services can stop borers — and most other damaging insects — from invading your northern Utah landscape.

When an infestation is identified, insect control professionals typically apply an insecticidal bark spray to kill newly laid eggs and prevent further attack from adult borers. A soil drench with a systemic insecticide may also be effective for targeting any larvae currently inside.

Professional arborists can determine the best approach for controlling all types of destructive pests that plague us here in northern Utah. For professional assistance in the greater Salt Lake City area, turn to the insect control team at Reliable Tree Care.

As a leader in the tree services industry for more than 20 years, Reliable Tree Care has the expertise to offer effective, environmentally friendly solutions for managing flathead borers. For a no-cost, no-obligation comprehensive yard evaluation and tree insect control consultation, contact our Murray office today.