Tree Removal Advice: 5 Reasons to Get Rid of Old Tree Stumps

Must you call a tree-removal service to get rid of that old stump in your yard, or can you just leave it there?

In most cases, arborists recommend stump removal. Why?

Get Rid of Old Tree Stumps

No. 1: Tree Stumps Are Hazardous

An old stump could be dangerous for your kids, as they could easily trip and fall when running and playing in the yard. Neighbors and visitors might also take a tumble, and if someone is injured, you could be held liable.

Stumps that are low to the ground can also be a lawn-care hazard. You or your landscape service could accidentally hit a stump and damage mowing equipment, requiring a trip to the repair shop.

No. 2: Tree Stumps Attract Insects

If you leave an old stump to rot, it can attract wood-boring insects. Beetles, carpenter ants, termites and many other pests love to take up residence in rotting stumps.

While you may not care about bugs in your yard, arborists caution that these destructive insects can pose a health concern for neighboring healthy trees and shrubs. Left unchecked, the pests could even spread to your home.

No. 3: Tree Stumps Can Harbor Disease

Arborists can frequently treat diseased trees, but they can’t cure all of them. Sometimes, tree removal is necessary.

When old stumps are left behind, diseases may also remain. Consequently, nearby trees, shrubs and ornamental plants could be affected — and what killed your trees could also end up killing your other vegetation.

No. 4: Tree Stumps Can Lead to New Growth

Stumps don’t always begin to decay right away. Often, they continue to generate growth. You might notice sprouts popping up, resulting in several new small trees. Left alone, these rogue trees can quickly turn awkward, unattractive and bushy.

These new shoots can be a headache to control, because they keep coming back. Your landscape may suffer, as all that regrowth takes nutrients away from your ornamental plants.

No. 5: Tree Stumps Are Unsightly

An old stump can be an eyesore. The sight of rotting wood just isn’t appealing.

With effort, some stumps can become landscape focal points. Handy homeowners can turn one into a planter or garden table, for example. But since many old stumps don’t make good craft project fodder, hiring a tree removal service is usually a must to maintain your home’s curb appeal.

Are you ready to remove your old stump? The certified arborists at Reliable Tree Care provide free comprehensive yard evaluations to homeowners throughout northern Utah. To schedule your professional stump and tree removal consultation, contact our Murray office today.