Tree Removal Is Sometimes Necessary

Tree removal should always be a last resort. Homeowners and certified arborists want to save trees whenever possible.

However, if trees develop significant problems, removal may be the only solution. When deciding whether to have one of your trees removed, ask the questions listed below.

Tree Removal Is Sometimes Necessary

How Healthy Is the Tree?

As a rule of thumb, certified arborists generally recommend removal when 50 percent or more of a tree has significant damage.

Trees that aren’t very healthy can survive, sometimes for many years. But their growth will be limited and may look abnormal. So if any of your trees aren’t in good shape, tree removal may be the best course of action.

Does the Tree Have Large, Dead Branches?

Large, damaged limbs can be dangerous, as dead branches can come crashing down and cause bodily injury or damage your property.

A few damaged branches don’t necessarily warrant tree removal, however. Getting rid of the dead limbs may restore the plant’s health and stability. However, if more than 25 percent of the branches are deteriorated or the damage is limited to one side, certified arborists often opt for removal.

Is the Trunk Damaged?

When the main trunk is severely damaged, removal is usually a must.

Large wounds, dead branch stubs and vertical cracks are signs of internal decay. If the damage amounts to more than 25 percent of the trunk circumference, removal is generally advised, as it is unlikely to heal properly over time.

Is the Tree Hollow?

Trees can live with hollow trunks for many years, but in many cases, certified arborists favor removal.

A hollow area can compromise the strength and integrity of a trunk, making the affected specimen dangerous. More often than not, when at least one-third of a trunk is hollowed out or rotten, certified arborists will recommend tree removal.

Is the Tree Leaning?

Trees that lean can be a hazard, as they may have weakened or broken roots. That means at any point, leaning trees could fall and injure someone or damage your property.

A very small, gradual lean may not point to the need for removal. But certified arborists say that any specimen that is more than 15 degrees away from being vertical typically needs to be removed.

If you suspect one of your trees needs to be removed, reach out to Reliable Tree Care. Our certified arborists can help you decide if removal is necessary. If so, our professional team has the skills and equipment to safely and efficiently handle the job. To schedule a free comprehensive yard evaluation or to learn more about our tree removal service, contact our Murray, Utah, office today.