Tree Service Tips for Taking Care of Snow-Covered Branches

How do tree service professionals take care of branches that covered in snow and bending from the heavy weight?


If one of your trees appears to be in trouble, you might be tempted to run out and relieve the snow-covered branches of their burden. However, taking this approach could actually make the problem worse.


Instead, contact a local tree service immediately if the snow-bent branch poses a property hazard. Otherwise, follow the tips below to avoid causing any more damage.

 care snow-covered tree branches

DON’T Shake the Tree


Heavy snow weakens limbs and makes them brittle. Give the tree a shake now, and snow-bent branches could break or snap. If that happens, you could face significant injury, additional devastation to the tree or property damage. Don’t risk it – resist the urge to shake.


DO Gently Brush the Branches


If the snow that’s covering the branches is light, dry and fluffy, you can gently brush it away – just do so before it has a chance to freeze. To brush snow-covered branches, tree service professionals recommend using a soft-bristled broom and sweeping upwards rather than from the top down. The latter action puts more pressure on the limbs, which can cause additional damage.


DON’T Break the Ice


When a brutal winter storm hits and you end up with limbs coated in a layer of ice, tree service professionals say to leave them alone. Allow the ice to melt on its own instead of trying to break it up, as any step you take to chip away the icy layer could damage the branches and create an even bigger problem.


DO Check the Branches in the Spring


Once the snowy winter weather is gone for good, take a good look at the formerly snow-covered branches to see of the heavy burden caused any lasting damage. If so, or if you can’t tell whether the limbs are still in good shape, contact a local tree service for expert advice and assistance. In northern Utah, call on the certified arborists at Reliable Tree Care.


Whether you’re worried about a hazardous snow-covered branch in the winter or you need a professional assessment in the spring, the Reliable Tree Care team can meet your needs. We’ve been in business for decades, and we’re known for providing high-quality workmanship and stellar customer service at an affordable price.


Reliable Tree Care offers free comprehensive yard evaluations to homeowners and businesses in the greater Salt Lake City area, along the Wasatch Front and throughout northern Utah. To schedule yours, or to talk to our tree service professionals take care of your snow-covered branches, contact our Murray office today.