Tree Services: Easiest Ornamental Trees

Easy Ornamental Trees

When it comes to tree services, there’s no reason beauty has to equal hard work. Ornamental trees can be easy to care for, especially when you have an arborist on your side to help you with planting, pruning and maintenance.

The easiest trees to care for are always the ones that grow naturally in your region. The Arbor Day Foundation reports that landscaping with ornamental trees can increase a home’s value by up to 20 percent, so ornamental trees give you a great ROI as well as beautify your yard.

Look for trees that require little additional watering and minimal pruning. They should naturally repel pests and diseases (some trees are more susceptible than others), and there should be minimal litter via fruits or leaves. Evergreens fit this description and are very popular, but they do shed needles that can be messy if they’re too close to your home.

Sun Lovers

How much sun your land gets also will dictate which ornamental trees are best to plant. For example, the California juniper loves a lot of sun and comes in a range of styles. You can get tall, skinny junipers or short, fat ones, and they come in all colors. They’re hearty, work well in many soil types and don’t need much irrigation.

Other options for sunny sites include the peppermint tree, which doesn’t just look lovely but smells beautiful too. The climate in Utah can vary drastically by region, so always ask your arborist which trees are both easy to care for and will work well in your yard. The type of soil you have — moist, alkaline or dry — can play a big role in the health of your tree and how easy it is to keep in good shape.

Made in the Shade

Many Utah yards are shady and prone to fog, and these kinds of conditions require a different type of ornamental tree. A trident maple is an excellent choice for shady, moist areas, and it brightens up the yard with vibrant yellows and reds come fall. It’s ornamental, but grows up to 25 feet tall and almost never needs pruning.

There’s also the evergreen Chinese plum yew, which does well in the shade and makes a statement with its bright red bark.

Complement your ornamental trees with shorter shrubs and flowers, which can help camouflage any dropped leaves or fruits. For Utahns who adore fruit trees but just don’t have the time to constantly whip up jams or pies, invite your neighbors to take fruit for themselves. Many people will love the fruits of your labor, even if the so-called labor of having fruit trees is minimal on your end.

Having ornamental trees can be a great investment, especially for people who need to increase their property value. For customized advice on the best, easiest ornamental trees for you, and for complete tree services, call Reliable Tree Care today.