Fruit Tree & Shrub Pruning

Nothing is better that picking a ripe peach right from the tree and diving in.  Trimming the fruit tree correctly makes the tree grow larger, juicier fruit.  The trimming is pretty technical and requires a trained eye.  Our arborists have that eye and can help arrange your trees to grow easily accessible, beautiful fruit.

Fruit Tree Pruning

The type of fruit tree you have will determine the type of pruning it receives. Pitted fruit trees produce fruit on last year’s growth. Apple and Pear trees produce fruit on two year and older wood. The latter have what are called fruiting spurs. These spurs put their energy into fruit (seed) production. You can easily identify fruiting spurs once you know what to look for. Pitted fruit trees on the other hand do not have fruiting spurs. In either case you need to have your trees pruned annually to maximize high quality fruit. Our Certified Arborists will know how to manage your trees so give us a call today for a free evaluation.

Shrub Pruning in Utah

Pruning a shrub back into shape may seem like a no-brainer but there is a science to it. You need to know the type of shrub you have, when it flowers, and does it flower on current or previous year’s growth. Not knowing any of these details can result in inadvertently cutting off the flowering wood each year. This results in a flowering shrub that never seems to flower.

You also will need to decide on the size you would like it to be as that will determine the type of pruning it will receive. You can choose renewal pruning which removes approximately one third of the old growth, formal pruning which includes heading back, or a natural pruned look. The natural pruning is similar to drop crotch pruning in trees. Your Arborist can help you decide on the type of pruning that’s best for your landscape. Give us a call today.

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