Tree Crown Restoration

Crown Restoration is a term used to describe a specialized type of trimming. If your large trees were improperly trimmed or topped, your Arborist is likely to suggest this method. After doing what is called “topping cuts” your tree will send out multiple water sprouts that will be competing for dominance. Over the next several years our arborists will select the strongest limbs and slowly remove the others until the crown has recovered.

Tree Crown Restoration Makes Your Utah Trees Beautiful Again

The overall foliage and canopy of the tree is often referred to as the “crown”.  For whatever reason, it sometimes becomes necessary to restore a shapely and strong crown.  To do this we select strong twigs that will cover the canopy evenly.  We then trim to incentivize the growth of those twigs into branches, restoring the tree to a thick, full, and beautiful tree again.  This takes years to achieve.  Our arborists can help establish a plan to make a crown restoration happen for your tree.

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