Trust an Arborist to Protect Your Trees from Storms

With spring almost gone, arborists all over northern Utah are busy prepping homeowners’ trees for the summer storm season.

summer storms and trees

If you invested in decorative, shade or fruit trees for your landscape, the last thing you want is to lose one in a windstorm — especially if they are mature trees. Using the services of an experienced arborist is the most effective way to protect your trees.

Arborists Evaluate, Prune Trees

An arborist can prepare your trees to better withstand extreme wind, rain or lighting strikes.

This involves trimming away dead branches and potentially thinning the canopy (depending on the species) to reduce upper weight and wind resistance.

They will also examine the tree for any weak unions of large branches, where they are most likely to crack and break off. This protects the plant, but also reduces risk that the branch may fall and cause damage to your property, or a neighbor’s.

Finally, they may install bracing or cables to strengthen the trunk, and possibly recommend adding lightning protection.

An Arborist Can Provide Expert Care for Maximum Tree Health

After physically working with your trees, the arborist will turn next to systemic aspects of the plant. A healthy tree is better able to withstand the rigors of summer storms and to resist disease, drought and pests.

After evaluating the soil conditions, they may apply fertilizer to provide nutrients and balance the pH level. If it appears you aren’t watering the tree appropriately, the arborist can recommend a schedule for care and watering.

Uh-Oh … You Didn’t Call an Arborist Before the Storm?

If you didn’t call the experts at Reliable Tree Care before storm season, you may need our services after a particularly bad wind or rain.

In many areas, the city or municipality requires arborist removal of a tree that has fallen.

An arborist can also evaluate injured trees to determine the extent of the damage. This may involve checking on the root system and looking for heaving around the base of the trunk.

If your damaged tree can be saved, our team will mitigate further harm by installing cables or bracing to reinforce the trunk. We may also trim away any damaged portions, including limbs that may interfere with electrical wiring.

Reliable Tree Care, based in Murray, Utah, provides a full range of professional tree care services, including insect and disease control, tree and shrub fertilization, pruning, and fruit tree care. Contact us today to schedule one of our friendly, neighborhood arborists to evaluate your trees before storm season.