What Is the Life Span of a Utah Fruit Tree?

A client called recently, concerned about her Utah fruit trees — one peach tree, in particular.

This tree was near and dear to her heart, as her father had planted it before his passing, years earlier. She noticed one day that more than half the tree appeared to be dying. She was certain the problem was pests or a disease if some kind.

utah fruit tree

When we went to take a look, however, it became obvious that the tree had simply reached the end of its natural life span. So what is the life span of a fruit tree in Utah? And can you do anything to make your fruit trees live longer?

How Long Do Fruit Trees Live in Utah?

The answer to this question depends on the variety of tree. It’s also important to remember that they will not produce fruit for their entire lives. Specific cultivars from one variety have different life spans as well. For example, heirloom varieties have a much shorter life span, but produce more flavorful fruit than a variety bred for hardiness and longevity.

Generally, you can expect Utah fruit trees to live and produce fruit somewhere within these ranges:

Apple15 to 35 years
Pear10 to 30 years
Peach8 to 12 years
Cherry15 to 20 years
Plum15 to 20 years
Apricot15 to 20 years

Besides the northern Utah climate, the strongest influences on plant health and life span are the types of diseases and pests in your area, the growing conditions and the care you give your trees.

Fortunately, you can control some of these factors.

Arborists’ Recommendations for Choosing & Planting Fruit Trees

One way to ensure that your trees thrive and produce prolific harvests for as long as possible is to choose the right species and cultivar for your area.

But whatever fruit you prefer, giving your trees the proper care is the best way to lengthen their life. This starts with siting them correctly within your landscape. Once planted, your trees require consistent care, including periodic fertilization and pruning.

Although you can take some steps to prevent damage from pests and diseases, the most effective way to create a tree resistant to diseases and pests is to care for it correctly. A healthy tree has the best chance by far of resisting the most common diseases.

Make sure you allocate the correct amount of space when planting, and if you have self-unfruitful trees, be sure to plant two different varieties. You want a location that is protected from the harsh, winter winds, has good drainage and is not especially low-lying, as cold tends to settle in these areas more at night.

Can You Extend the Life of Your Fruit Trees?

If you choose your plants well and locate them appropriately, you’ll have a great head start. Proactive care will keep your fruit trees healthy, strong and producing stellar harvests for as long as possible.

In Utah, fruit tree care consists of periodic pruning, fertilization and pest control treatments.

When your plants receive the proper care, they will thrive year after year. Not only that, but they will produce healthier, tastier fruit that is pest-free and easy to harvest.

In Murray, Utah, Reliable Tree Care is the region’s expert in fruit tree pruning, fertilization, and disease and pest control. Contact us today to learn more about Utah fruit tree care.