Why Hire a Professional Holiday Lighting Service?

Talk to a professional holiday lighting service this year, before you untangle the strands of lights and haul out the ladder.

Creating a festive outdoor light display can be a huge hassle, and many northern Utah homeowners have come to realize that leaving the task to the pros is the best way to make the season bright. Here’s why you may want to start a new tradition and hire a professional service for your holiday lighting.

professional holiday lighting


Who isn’t extremely busy at this time of year? Hire a professional holiday lighting service, and you’ll have more time to enjoy the joyous season with your family and friends.


Hanging holiday lights on your rooftop and trees can be dangerous, and every year thousands of people suffer injuries. Let the pros take on the task, and you can stay safe on the ground.


When freezing temperatures hit, most people don’t look forward to spending time outside. With a professional holiday lighting service, you won’t have to brave the cold – you get to stay inside, where it’s warm and cozy.


Want the brightest, most durable holiday lights? Without question, the high-quality lighting a professional service provides is far superior to the options offered at local retail stores.


If you’ve always wanted to have the most spectacular holiday lighting display in the neighborhood, hiring a professional service allows you to achieve that goal. The pros can customize a design that perfectly enhances your home and property features.


Fasteners and cords can mar the beauty of a holiday lighting display. A professional service puts up light strands with the utmost care, using property-friendly clips that are color-matched to the backdrop and making sure the cords stay neatly hidden.


Do you get frustrated when a bulb goes out or a winter storm brings down a light strand? If you hire a professional service, you won’t have to maintain your seasonal display – the pros will come out whenever the lighting needs attention.


Taking down a light display can be just as much of a headache – and just as unsafe – as installation. Choose a professional holiday lighting service, and removal won’t be your job. At the end of the season, the pros will return to remove the lights, safely packaging the strands for storage.

Are you ready to skip the headaches and win the neighborhood holiday light fight? If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area or one of the surrounding northern Utah communities, let the Reliable Tree Care team handle your outdoor home and tree lighting.

Reliable Tree Care can make your property merry and bright with an amazing custom light display, and our season-long service – which includes installation, maintenance and removal — comes at a surprisingly affordable price. For more details on our professional holiday lighting service, contact our Murray office today.