The Goal

At Reliable Tree Care, your trees are our business. Trees aren’t a side service or a small aspect of what we do, trees are everything we do! Here you’ll find tree care professionals that are dedicated to their craft. You’ll find a team of people that are passionate about saving your trees and helping them to thrive. Our goal is to offer service at a level of excellence that is unique within the tree care industry by utilizing our extensive knowledge of tree biology and employing the best people in the business.

Reliable Tree Care was founded with passionate people and our roots in tree expertise. As a young man, our co-founder Jim MacDuff worked for his father’s tree care business. He loved everything about trees and found great satisfaction in helping people by caring for their trees. From this early age, he realized that working with trees would be a lifelong ambition. He met his wonderful wife Debbie and they began a family at which point Jim began to wonder if he would be able to provide for his young family in his current position.

Debbie, always ambitious, believed that there was a better lifestyle on the horizon for them and convinced Jim to take a leap of faith. The young couple collaborated and came up with the idea of starting a company based on Jim’s love for trees. They didn’t know exactly how they would do it, but this tenacious young couple was determined to achieve the “American Dream” for the sake of their family.

They quickly got to work and founded the company that would one day become Reliable Tree Care. Through all of the ups and downs, mistakes and successes, good and bad, Reliable Tree Care survived and thrived, becoming a highly respected tree service provider in the Salt Lake Valley.