4 Reasons Tree Trimming Is Important

Northern Utah homeowners may neglect tree trimming, thinking they’re saving money or that this service isn’t critical. The reality is that giving your trees a regular trim is an investment in their health and longevity.

4 Reasons Tree Trimming Is Important

Landscaping trees add beauty and value to your property, and maintenance is essential to protect that value. If you’re tempted to skip regular tree-trimming services, take a moment to consider all the reasons you shouldn’t.

No. 1: Tree Appearance

Trees that aren’t regularly trimmed can grow to look unbalanced and misshapen. Branches may sprout off in strange directions and this uneven growth can make your trees appear bedraggled.

Trimming is like a much-needed haircut, one that enhances the tree’s natural shape. Thinning out limbs and cutting back unwieldy branches is beneficial because it improves the tree’s appearance. Trimming is especially important for those trees you planted to boost the appeal of a property.

No. 2: Landscape Aesthetics

When you don’t regularly trim trees, the aesthetics of your landscape can be affected.

Densely packed branches can block sun and prevent rain from reaching the grass and flowers growing under trees, inhibiting their growth. Regular tree trimming can ensure that enough sunlight and moisture get through the branches. In addition, trimming can enhance your landscape’s appearance by removing limbs that obstruct your view of a lake, valley or other scenery.

No. 3: Tree Health

Overgrowth negatively affects the health of a tree. Without trimming, trees can become weaker and will be less likely to survive.

Trimming for tree health is often referred to as pruning, and it involves removing branches that are diseased, infested or interfering with healthy growth. Regular trimming keeps trees strong, creates a healthier structure and reduces the need for future corrective pruning.

No. 4: Safety

Property safety is another important reason regular tree trimming is necessary.

Trees with dead, diseased or infested branches pose a significant risk. In heavy winds or a severe storm, the limbs can fall easily and damage your property and your home — and someone could get badly injured. The presence of hazardous branches is the most critical reason to get your trees trimmed periodically.

If you’re convinced that regular tree trimming is a must, hire a certified local arborist for the job. An arborist will give your trees the best possible care and ensure that they continue to grow strong and beautiful for many years to come.

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