5 Flowering Tree Blossoms that Make Gorgeous Twig Bouquets

Cherry blossoms

Why not extend your fruit-tree-care abilities to creating a beautiful blossoming twig bouquet for your paramour? Roses are overplayed and other flowers like lilies and carnations might be lovely, but there’s nothing unique about them. If you’re lucky enough to have a flowering fruit tree in your yard—or access to those blossoms—you can really make a statement this year.

Of course, it all depends on the region you live in, what’s in season and just how prone your trees are to blooming. Here’s your cheat sheet to fruit trees and how you can put together a bouquet of blossoming twigs for the record books. As an added bonus, many of these blossoms are wonderfully fragrant (and pair perfectly with a box of chocolates).

1. Apple blossoms

Gorgeous pink blooms are an ideal twig bouquet with oversized, standout blooms that are real showstoppers. If you really want to tie everything together (and tap into the sensuality of Adam and Eve), you can offer these blossoms along with apples dipped in chocolate. Now that’s a romantic gift worth an Instagram shot.

2. Pear blossoms

Similar to cherry blossoms in aesthetics, pear blossoms are often a little brighter, a little more bundled together and grow in abundance if the chill factor allows for it. These smaller blossoms also have similarities to orchids in shape, so if your other half has a penchant for exotic flowers, this is a great choice.

3. Cherry blossoms

A classic, cherry blossoms don’t have a very long branch life, so if you’re lucky enough to get ahold of them, go for it. They’re incredible, the branches are sturdy and they can make for an awe-inspiring display.

4. Plum blossoms

These blossoms are smaller, subtler and can stand alone or be a great filler for a bouquet. Often white or a pale pastel, they can be found in small bunches and are an obvious alternative to baby’s breath.

5. Damson blossoms

If you have this tree in your yard, you’re already ahead of the curve when it comes to ingenuity. Durable white flowers that are understated and classic, they’re a fantastic choice for the significant other who has timeless taste.

You can also consider peach, nectarine or quince blossoms. Why battle the crowds for sorry-looking grocery-store bouquets when you have a plethora of options just a few steps away? Your own blossoming twigs from your own trees show not only that you care about your loved one, but that you care about your fruit trees too!