5 Tree Services to Consider this Fall

With professional tree services, your trees can remain healthy all winter and be ready to grow strong next spring.

Just like lawns and gardens, trees are vulnerable to weather changes. To prepare them for survival during the colder months, they need some care and attention. Winter will be here in Utah before you know it, so consider the five tree services below for fall.

Tree Services to Consider this Fall

No. 1: Tree Evaluation

If you’ve never gotten tree services, schedule a professional checkup.

A comprehensive evaluation will reveal the condition of your trees as well as any issues that may need to be addressed. Trees with problems will be able to get the care they require to survive through the winter.

No. 2: Fall Tree Soil Care

You may already know that your lawn benefits from fertilization in the fall, but did you know that trees may also need a dose?

Monitoring and maintaining soil quality is an important part of keeping trees healthy. To make sure your trees have the nutrients they need to get through the colder months, have your soil checked and add the necessary amount of a slow-release fertilizer.

No. 3: Fall Pruning and Trimming

Pruning and trimming in the fall can help protect your trees from the effects of harsh winter storms.

Plus, pruning away dead or damaged areas and trimming the trees to ensure proper growth is easier after the leaves have fallen. The branch structure is more visible, so it’s the perfect time to handle these tree care tasks.

No. 4: Seasonal Tree Protection

In Utah, fall tree services should include seasonal protection.

Depending upon your landscape and the condition of your trees, you may need to consider special nutrients or treatments to help fend off insects and disease. A professional tree care service can offer late-season foliage protection, overwintering insect control and targeted trunk nutrients to keep trees strong and healthy all winter.

No. 5: Fall Tree Planting

Spring is generally viewed as the time for planting. But in northern Utah, early fall is also an excellent time to think about adding a few new trees to your landscape.

Planting trees in the fall allows them to establish roots in the cooler soil, with much less of a chance of stress from high temperatures, sun scorch and drought. So when you consider fall tree services, don’t forget new plantings.

Do you need help preparing your trees for the upcoming season? Get professional tree services for all your soil care, pruning, protection and planting needs. And if you hire certified arborists, you can trust that you’ll have beautiful, healthy tree growth next spring.

The professional team at Reliable Tree Care has the skills, training and experience to properly care for your Utah trees all year long. To schedule a free comprehensive yard evaluation or to learn more about our tree services, contact our Murray office today.