6 Critical Tree Services

Tree Services

It’s a surprise for many first-time homeowners: Tree services are an integral part of maintaining your property. If you’re lucky enough to have older trees on your property, know that they also require ongoing maintenance just like young trees and saplings. What kind of tree services do you need? Read on to find out.

Trees and shrubs are alive, and just like humans they can be vulnerable to diseases, the elements and pests. They can get too big, fail to thrive and you may want to dress them up for holidays. Greenery dramatically improves the landscape of any home, and you want to ensure your trees are both healthy and not a threat to your home (such as with overhanging branches).

Here are just a few critical tree services many Utah homeowners need in their lifetimes:

  • Disease control: Bacteria, fungi and pathogens are just some of the common causes of diseases among trees, although some trees are vulnerable to lesser-known ailments. It’s not always obvious that a tree is diseased, especially in the early stages of infection. Only an arborist can know for certain if a tree is diseased, and the best way to treat it if it is. Often, when caught in time, a tree can be saved, which is usually preferable to cutting it down.
  • Insect control: You’re not the only one admiring your landscape. Beetles, borers, aphids and spider mites are just a few of the insects that may take a liking to your tree. Mammals, such as deer, or certain birds also may consider your trees or shrubs a free-for-all buffet. Your arborist can employ organic and cruelty-free ways of managing insect control.
  • Fertilization: Sometimes trees and shrubs need a little help thriving, especially in their younger days. From deep-root feeding to foliar fertilizer and everything in between, fertilizing might sound easy — but one wrong move and you do more harm than good. Rely on a pro to take care of fertilizing so you can sit back and watch your tree thrive.
  • Fruit tree care: These types of trees sometimes need a little extra TLC. They face unique pest situations, and what happens when fruit bearing becomes an issue? A great arborist can help literally bring your landscape to fruition.
  • Trimming: Trimming is essential for durable branch structure, crown restoration and shaping. However, it’s also a dangerous task that requires extensive knowledge and training. Too much or too little trimming, and you’re in trouble.
  • Holiday lighting: It’s not just for the winter holidays anymore. Dress up your trees for a special event like a wedding, in patriotic colors for your Fourth of July evening barbeque or in pink for a Valentine’s Day proposal.

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