Arborist & Landscaping Trends to Watch

Arborist Landscaping Trends

Your arborist is your go-to source for all things trending in landscapes. The reality is that your back yard isn’t very different from the inside of your home, and both locations can be outdated. You wouldn’t go without updating your living room for 20 years, and the same care should be taken with your landscape architecture and tree trimming. Just like everywhere else, a move toward sustainability is taking place in back yards everywhere, and it’s time you caught up.

Drought-tolerant, native plants are not only environmentally friendly, but also easy on the pocketbook. Foraging is also enjoying a big comeback – planting food-bearing plants such as fruit trees and having herbs double as design elements are both beautiful and sensible ideas.

Easy Trends to Try

Introduce as many natural, native and foodie-based plants as possible. Over-thought, seemingly processed landscapes are out. After all, who has the time and energy to keep up a lawn that looks like an extra for the Edward Scissorhands neighborhood? Instead, focus on incorporating high-quality, natural materials such as river rocks that you can gather yourself. The 2009 recession wasn’t all bad, especially when it comes to landscaping, since it pushed arborists toward getting creative and green with their strategies.

During the McMansion era, showy landscapes were all the rage. However, it’s important that your home is your sanctuary, which means cozy, comfortable and real. Water is soothing, and you can spend as much (or as little) as you like when it comes to koi ponds or fountains. Keep natural in mind when updating your garden.

Blend the Lines Between Indoors and Outdoors

If you haven’t updated your patio furniture in a decade, this is a utilitarian place to start. Outdoor living rooms are extremely popular for a good reason. Newer, more durable materials and sleeker designs make creating an outdoor relaxation space a breeze. Incorporate existing trees into the living space of your back yard, perhaps with elegant holiday lighting or a hammock.

The term pets can also extend beyond cats and dogs. Take the natural approach a little further, and consider adding chickens to your backyard. While this isn’t necessarily a landscape trend, it’s definitely a way-of-life trend. Having truly farm fresh eggs brings a touch of rural life to any home (even if you’re in the suburbs). However, it’s also critical to take care of insect and pest control, since your trees and shrubs might be too tempting a sanctuary for them, too.

Great Things in Small Packages

Going smaller is the overall trend, which means outdoor rooms and cozy arrangements. Raised beds are being made with stainless steel, recycled metals and anything green. Fruits are also being introduced alongside herbs and veggies. It can be fairly easy to raise a citrus tree or columnar apple tree, depending on where you live.

When it comes to landscape architecture, thankfully we’re going back to basics. Shop locally, get creative and don’t skimp on quality. Connect with Reliable Tree Care for all your arborist and edible garden needs today.