Call Arborists in Early Spring

Spring Arborist

Go ahead and add calling an arborist to your spring cleaning to-do list.

Early spring is the ideal time for tree-trimming services for many reasons. Some gardeners love winter pruning, and that certainly has benefits, but early spring is the last window of opportunity you have for preventive insect control, last-minute pruning and other chores.

In a few weeks, birds will be nesting and chicks chirping from your treetops, so you certainly don’t want to disturb or endanger them.

Peak Time

It’s much easier to see if any branches are dead once the leaves start to unfold.

In the winter, some limbs can be mistaken for dead when they are simply dormant. A skilled arborist will be able to tell the difference, but it can require a little more time and effort.

You’re in the clear to prune in early spring, but soon enough trees will be in full bloom, and pruning and trimming is discouraged because it can hinder growth.

Get the Best of Pests

Some trees suffer from pest and insect infestation chronically. However, infestations usually start in mid to late spring, when bugs are most active. Prevent problems now with the help of a skilled arborist.

These professionals can spot early signs of pests and insect problems, as well as offer organic, human-safe preventive solutions if a common issue is causing problems in your neighborhood.

You may also need to clear out old birds’ nests that can add weight to branches (and reduce the beauty of your tree). Plus, you can add a swing to a big, sturdy branch just in time for the warm weather. Your arborist can recommend the best branch for this equipment, and we will be happy to install it for you.

Fertile Ground

Spring is the best time to add fertilizer to your soil. The ground is workable, trees naturally enjoy a growth spurt this time of year, and plants need all the help they can get.

Trees are similar to children gearing up for a growth spurt. They’re hungry for nourishment and might gobble up more than usual. Have your soil tested to make sure it’s nutrient rich and not lacking. In Utah, much of the soil is diverse and nutritious, but you won’t know unless you test it.

Many green-minded homeowners prefer an organic fertilizer, such as manure. Your tree professional can tell you exactly which fertilizer is best for your situation. Nitrogen is the most common nutrient lacking, and can be found in many fertilizers.

Get your garden in tip-top shape by prioritizing a little early spring tree intervention. Call Reliable Tree Care for a free quote and to schedule your appointment before the summer rush begins.