Consider the Trees When House-Shopping

Trees and House Shopping

You may imagine trimming that gorgeous outdoor pine for the holidays when looking for a new home, lot or property — but do not get caught up in that fantasy quite yet. Buying a home or lot with plentiful and mature trees has its pros and potential cons. All trees, plants and shrubs require routine care and maintenance in order to stay healthy. If you are an avid gardener, committed to having an arborist inspect your greenery annually, and have the knowledge and finances to care for a green space, that’s great. If not, you may want to reconsider what kind of greenery your potential investment boasts.

Home inspections do not include the inspection of the trees on your property. Diseased, dying or pest-riddled trees are not always apparent to the naked eye. Plus, unless you are an expert arborist yourself, you probably cannot gauge if a tree is too close to the home, in need of trimming or if it’s a species that will grow to 10 times its size and become unmanageable.

Here are three major considerations to make about trees before you make an offer on a home:

1. Check the roots for obvious problems.

It is pretty evident when a tree is too close to concrete: The concrete (whether driveway, path or otherwise) is lifted and cracked. If you catch wind that Roto-Rooter is a regular guest at the home, that’s a red flag that the roots are interfering with the sewage system — which is not something you want. Consider how close trees are to the property and concrete before falling in love with them.

2. Hire a tree inspector.

You would not make an offer on a property without hiring a house inspector, and the same should go for a tree inspector. You may need to remove a tree (which can be very expensive) in order to build your dream home or protect it. A tree may be diseased or dying, which can add an immense cost to you. You might also find out that the previous owners unknowingly planted a tree that will grow to be 50 feet tall on a tiny lot.

3. Do some research.

Find out what kind of trees are on the property and research them. Those cherry blossoms might look gorgeous when you are house hunting in the early spring, but do you know how messy they can get? Are you prepared to care for a walnut tree that will drop its bounty (sometimes painfully!) in the autumn? Everyone has a different comfort level when cleaning up after a tree or paying a professional to do it. Know yours before you start house hunting.

Trees can add a great value to a home, but only if they are healthy, maintained and fit with your lifestyle. For advice about trees before purchasing a home, call the experts at Reliable Tree Care for a tree inspection.