Do You Need a Permit for Tree Removal in Utah

Chances are, you probably won’t need a permit for tree removal. In most cases, you don’t need anyone’s permission if you want to take down one of the trees on your northern Utah property.

That said, there are some instances where the decision might not be in your hands. Some species are protected by state law, and the location of both your home and the tree could prevent you from proceeding with the removal.

permit tree removal

Permits are Necessary for Utah Heritage Species

The Utah Heritage Tree Act was enacted back in 1975 to preserve the state’s scenic beauty by protecting species that are rare or have historical significance as well as specimens that have exceptional size, form or age for their species.

A permit is required to remove a heritage tree, and several species are included in the state registry. For assistance identifying whether or not yours is a heritage species, check with a local certified arborist or the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands.

Check Local Regulations Regarding Removal

If the tree you want to remove isn’t a heritage species, but you live in a planned community or development, you might need permission from your homeowners’ association. HOAs have their own guidelines and may not favor removal unless absolutely necessary.

In addition, if you live in an incorporated city, check with local officials before going ahead with tree removal. Some cities have codes and regulations that could impinge upon your plans.

Don’t Remove a Tree Unless You Own It

Before removing a tree, make sure you own it – and that’s only the case if the entire trunk sits on your property. If any part of the trunk is situated on the property line, you’ll need to get your neighbor’s permission first.

Skip this step, and you could be held liable in court. Utah law states that anyone who cuts down a tree without permission may be compelled to pay the owner up to three times its value.

Think Twice Before Proceeding with Tree Removal

Just because you can go forward with tree removal doesn’t mean you should. Trees offer shade and protection from harsh winds, while also adding considerable value and beauty to your northern Utah property.

For a significantly damaged or hazardous tree, removal may be necessary. However, sometimes you can save one that seems to be unhealthy or at risk. So, before you make a decision, contact a local certified arborist to perform an in-person inspection.

If your property is the greater Salt Lake City area or anywhere along the Wasatch Front, call on the experienced professionals at Reliable Tree Care for expert advice. Our certified arborists can help you decide if removal is necessary. If so, our crew has the skills and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Reliable Tree Care offers free comprehensive yard evaluations to northern Utah homeowners and businesses. To discuss tree removal with one of our expert certified arborists, contact our Murray office today.