Holiday Lighting: How Soon Is Too Soon?

Holiday Lighting

Is it too soon for holiday lighting? Of course not—after the Halloween swag has been counted, it’s time for winter holiday decorations. Whether you’re planning a feast for Thanksgiving, want to make the most of your December holiday celebrations or simply want to show off that new deck you slaved over last summer, a little mood lighting can go a long way.

Unfortunately, you must consider some risks. The two hot times of the year for home fires are summer and December. Both of these seasons can become exacerbated fire risks if holiday lights aren’t properly strung and cared for. In the winter months, you have an increased fire risk, thanks to the candles, lights that are worse for wear and roaring fireplaces.

Make sure your family follows home fire prevention best practices, including ensuring outdoor lights are really suitable for the outdoors (and have no frayed wires), and that any greenery they touch isn’t too dry.

DIY or DOP (Depend on Professionals)?

Only you know if you’re up for stringing lights, but letting the professionals handle it definitely gives you more peace of mind (and fewer backaches). Tree care experts can instantly spot lights that aren’t safe. They know how to hang lights so they don’t damage trees and shrubs, and can recommend best care for plants so they stay nourished and strong even while displaying your holiday lights.

Stringing lights is also a great time to check for pest infestations and damage and disease in your trees, which can be tough to spot if you’re not a professional.

Tree experts can recommend the best lights in terms of manufacturer, materials and fire safety for your trees and region. Many people love winter holiday lighting — pick up some red and green combinations, or go with classic white or single-color lights that work for any occasion.

If you plan to spend your season roasting marshmallows outdoors, permanent outdoor lighting (often a soft white) is an excellent way to encourage your family and guests to make the most of the great outdoors.

Lighting the Way to the Holidays

Lights are not only festive, they provide some much-needed exterior illumination during the shortest days of the year. They can help ward off burglars, act as conversation starters between neighbors and help get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Right now is a great time to score a deal on holiday lighting. You’ll beat the rush, have more selection, and stores might be offering special deals for early birds. However, if you really want to save money, plan to head straight to the lighting aisle the day after Christmas and stock up for next year.

For more tips, contact your local Reliable Tree Care experts and schedule a time for us to come put up your holiday lighting, so you’re guaranteed to have the most festive house on the block.