How an Expert Tree Service Can Benefit Your Utah Landscape

Many Utah homeowners call on an expert tree service company when they have a specific need, such as insect control, disease management or removal. That makes perfect sense, of course – but effective tree care goes beyond these basic arborist services.

Trees need attention to stay healthy, strong and beautiful. With expert tree service from a local certified arborist – like the Reliable Tree Care team – yours will continue to thrive for generations. Below, we explain four ways professional care can benefit your Utah landscape.

expert tree service landscape

Comprehensive Yard Evaluation

Do you know what tree species you have on your Utah property? And do you understand how to care for them properly?

During a comprehensive yard evaluation, an arborist will walk the landscape to identify the species you own, offering expert advice on their care. While completing this tree service, the arborist will also evaluate the health status of every specimen on your property, looking for signs of pests, disease and stress that need to be addressed.

Proper Pruning and Trimming

Do you have a solid understanding of the proper techniques for pruning and trimming? Unless you’ve had arborist training – or were born with a green thumb – you could end up doing more harm than good if you take on the tasks yourself.

For your own personal safety and the future health and beauty of your trees, let a professional tree service company handle the pruning and trimming. A certified arborist understands which techniques to use and how to make cuts that don’t compromise tree integrity.

Efficient Root Fertilization

Do you already fertilize your trees? If you aren’t careful in your fertilizer selection, the products you apply may not provide the right nutrients to encourage healthy growth.

An expert tree service company offers professional-level fertilization treatments that are more efficient and effective. Sometimes, injecting nutrients deeply into the soil near the roots is the best solution. Certified arborists also offer mycorrhizae fungal treatment to help with root system development.

Seasonal Protection

Do you consider what your trees need when the seasons change? To effectively fend off insects, disease and stress, seasonal protection is essential.

Trees are vulnerable to freezing cold temperatures and require special attention in the winter. Spring storms can also threaten their health, as can the heat of summer. And in the fall, they often need late-season foliar treatments to quickly improve their health before the cold weather arrives. A certified arborist can handle all of these types of necessary seasonal protective treatments.

Have we convinced you to hire an expert tree service company? At Reliable Tree Care, a northern Utah industry leader for more than 20 years, our highly-skilled certified arborists provide free, no-hassle comprehensive yard evaluations to homeowners and businesses in the greater Salt Lake City area and all along the Wasatch Front.

Reliable Tree Care also offers a range of effective, affordable services – including pruning, trimming, root fertilization and seasonal protection – that can preserve the health and beauty of your trees. We also offer professional rooftop and treetop holiday lighting service, illuminating your property without causing any damage.

For more information on how our expert tree service can benefit your Utah landscape, contact our Murray office today.