It’s Time to Talk Shrub and Tree Fertilization

Now’s the time to schedule your Utah shrub and tree fertilization services.

tree fertilization

If you aren’t fertilizing your landscaping trees, fruit trees and shrubs regularly, you may be putting them at risk. Our northern Utah native soils have almost no natural nutrients, so unless you amend the soil with a mixture designed for your trees, the plants have no way to get what they need to grow and thrive.

Reliable Tree Care offers professional arborist services throughout northern Utah, including tree and shrub fertilization programs.

Why Do Utah Trees and Shrubs Need Fertilization?

In the wild, trees grow strong and healthy without fertilizer, so why not in your yard?

If you look closely at the ground cover in the wild, you will likely see something you don’t see in your own yard. You’ll see fallen leaves, downed branches and twigs and a variety of natural, organic matter. Left alone, that organic matter breaks down and the nutrients leach into the soil.

Think of this as Mother Nature’s fertilizer.

In your yard, you bag your lawn clippings and rake up the leaves and debris that fall from the trees, eliminating any potential natural soil amendments.

But you wouldn’t think of planting vegetables without upping the nutrient content of your garden soil. Your trees are no different. New trees require a diligent fertilization program, and today, even established trees require periodic care.

Deep Root Feeding for Tree and Shrub Fertilizing

As your trees’ roots respond to the warmer weather and begin to grow, they immediately seek nutrients to fuel what’s going on above ground. Providing a deep-root feeding gives the plants what they need to produce leaves, fruit or flowers.

Our arborists first determine what nutrients the plants need, and then inject them deeply around the root system.

We also offer mycorrhizae treatment for the roots. This treatment deposits a type of fungus into the soil that surrounds the roots. After attaching itself to the tree roots, this fungus helps the roots grow stronger and more resilient, and makes it easier for them to get the nutrients they need.

Fertilize Trees and Shrubs with Foliar Treatments

Root-based fertilization treatments work slowly over the season to provide nutrients through the root systems of trees and shrubs. For a quicker method of nutrient delivery, our arborists also provide foliar fertilizer treatments.

Foliar fertilizer treatments apply micro- and macronutrients to the leaves of the tree or shrub. The plant absorbs these nutrients within only 24 hours.

Reliable Tree Care of Murray, Utah, can customize a fertilization schedule based on your types of trees and shrubs and their growing conditions. These programs dramatically improve your plants’ health and make them resistant to drought, disease and pest infestation.

Contact us today to learn more about our professional arborist services and to schedule your shrub and tree fertilization appointment.