Keeping Trees Prepared for Larger Storm Risks

No matter what time of year it is, trees on a given property need to be protected from certain storm risks. Storms including high winds and other elements create tree movement that can put both the tree and certain building or property elements at risk if the proper steps aren’t taken.

At Reliable Tree Care, we’re here to help with all your tree care and protection needs, from tree trimming that will help remove risky elements to disease control that will ensure your trees are strong enough to withstand the most arduous elements. Making sure your trees are properly cared for so they’ll be ready to face the next major storm comes down to a few very simple areas, each of which our arborists are proud to assist you with at a moment’s notice. Let’s go over each such area, plus some basics you should know.

trees prepared storm risks

Trimming and Removal

The trees that pose the greatest risk during a potential storm? Dead, dying or sick trees, which won’t be as strong throughout their branch structure and pose several physical hazards. Dead trees can see branches break off much earlier than usual during high winds, or may even fall over entirely if they aren’t taken care of, posing huge safety risks to both people and structures.

To prevent these risks, and even to limit the potential for overgrown trees creating similar issues, proper pruning, trimming and removal is vital. Our arborists will assess all the trees on your property and help you understand which could use some careful attention, both for their overall health and to protect your property during heavy weather.

Younger Trees and Stability

If you have younger or less stable trees that you’re worried won’t hold up during a heavier storm, we recommend the use of tree stakes. These are simple items that are placed around your tree to provide additional support, helping it stand up straight through wind, rain and any other weather. Check the stakes regularly to ensure they are in the proper place and not damaging the tree.

Watering Considerations

Finally, another big factor when it comes to keeping your trees strong and stable is year-round watering. Tree stability begins at the roots, which are simply healthier when they have a steady stream of water to keep them healthy. To go even further here, consider deep root fertilization that will bring greater quantities of air and nutrients to your roots, keeping them strong and fertile so they’ll produce a similarly robust tree above the ground.

For more on protecting your trees and preparing them for storms throughout the year, or to learn about any of our tree trimming, tree removal or other arborist services, speak to the staff at Reliable Tree Care today.