Leave Holiday Lighting to the Pros this Year

Driving around and looking at holiday lighting displays in your neighborhood can be a fun family tradition. But making your own home merry and bright? Not so much.

Holiday Lighting to the pros

You’re busy enough this time of year — why not give yourself a break and hire a professional lighting service to showcase your holiday cheer?

We can give you five good reasons to let the pros handle your outdoor lighting display.

1. Stay Safe on the Ground

Ladders and rooftops can be dangerous, particularly in the wintertime. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 41 percent of holiday decorating injuries are falls — and about half of these are from ladders.

Thousands of people will be injured working on outdoor holiday lights this year. Leave the climbing to a professional lighting service, and you won’t be in that number — you’ll be safe on the ground.

2. Avoid Holiday Lighting Hassles

Putting up outdoor holiday lights is a time-consuming — and often aggravating — project. You have to untangle the light strands and check for frayed cords and broken bulbs. And of course, you have to figure out exactly where and how to hang the lights, while at the same time hiding the cords.

If you let the pros handle your holiday lighting, these headaches disappear. You won’t have to even lift a finger.

3. Get a Custom Holiday Lighting Display

Everyone wants a festive outdoor holiday display that enhances their property and their home’s architecture. Unfortunately, achieving this goal isn’t always easy.

With a professional service, your holiday lights will be customized to perfectly highlight your home and property’s best features. The pros are trained in lighting design, so you’re certain to have one of the most spectacular homes on the block.

4. Enjoy Holiday Lighting Service All Season

Who hasn’t put up holiday lights, only to have a bulb — or worse, an entire strand — stop working after a day or two? Dealing with that is a headache no one needs. And even if you manage to get through the season without a bad bulb or strand, you still have to take the lighting down at some point.

Hire a professional lighting service, and you won’t have to worry about either of these hassles. During the season, the pros will come out to check your holiday lighting display on a regular basis. And when you’re ready, they’ll take everything down for storage.

5. Keep Your Trees Healthy

Did you know that not all shrubs and trees are suited for holiday lighting? Some varieties aren’t sturdy enough, and hanging lights on them could lead to damage.

A professional tree lighting and tree services company knows how to light your trees and shrubs safely — and, as an added bonus, they’ll let you know about any pre-existing damage, infestation or rot.

The professional team at Reliable Tree Care makes outdoor home and tree lighting merry and bright for northern Utah homeowners. Our dedicated and experienced installers can bring your holiday spirit to life — and our season-long service is surprisingly affordable.

If you want a gorgeous, memorable outdoor display without headaches and hassles, let Reliable Tree Care take on the task. For more information about our professional holiday lighting services or to schedule a consultation, contact our Murray office today.