Oh, Deer! Tree Services for Bigger Pests

Deer Tree Service

You prioritize tree services like pruning, trimming and fertilizing, but what happens when you’re not the only one admiring your landscape?

Deer are a real problem for many homeowners, especially those who have yards with flowering shrubs or immature trees that look too tasty for deer to resist. These big pests might look beautiful, but they can easily destroy a yard or garden if they get a taste for your plants.

Fortunately, there are many safe and humane ways for keeping deer out of your garden.

The most obvious solution is to avoid stocking your yard like it’s a deer buffet. Unless you’re truly going to indulge in a fruit or veggie feast, that might not be the best use of your landscape. Deer have palates similar to human vegetarians, so if you can’t resist the call of a strawberry patch or peach tree, then it’s likely that deer can’t either.

Deer-Free Yards

If you do adore certain flowers or trees that deer also love, keep them as close to the house as possible. Allow for root spread, of course, but deer are shy and have to really want that plant to risk getting that close to humans.

Perennials with a strong aroma are a natural deer deterrent, and you can use them as a protectant around your trees, shrubs and property line. Lavender, mint, garlic and cloves are all too strong for these animals.

Just like burglars, deer aren’t going to risk going through thorny barriers just to steal some goodies. Barberries and lamb’s ear shrubs are good choices, but steer clear of roses. They might be famous for their thorns, but the flowers taste so good that it can be a fair tradeoff for a few scratches.

Another substitution you can make includes planting tulips instead of daffodils, which offer similar flowering and color schemes but aren’t as delectable.

Dining Options Deer Detest

Border your garden or yard with anti-deer shrubbery such as short needle spruces. If these evergreen options have a strong smell, that’s even better.

Deer are more likely to move onto greener, tastier pastures if you make it difficult for them to nosh on your garden. Keeping your grass neatly trimmed is also a good way to make these creatures move elsewhere, because tall grass is natural bedding for deer.

Also make sure to pick fruits, berries and even flowers before they get too ripe and tempting (produce and flowers can always finish blossoming or ripening in your home).

Deer are horrible climbers, so raised garden boxes and stacked terraces or sunken beds can be impossible for them to maneuver. As an added bonus, they offer fantastic contrast in your landscape. Deer are especially afraid of pallets, which are cheap and lovely options for gardening. Contact Reliable Tree Care, the pest experts (for big or small annoyances), for help tackling your deer dilemma or with any type of tree service.