Risks of Delaying Dead Tree Removal

While their timelines are generally longer than almost any other living organisms on the earth, trees will eventually die. This can happen for a number of reasons, from pests and disease to basic aging concerns.

At Reliable Tree Care, we’re here to provide valuable tree removal services if a tree on your property has died or will soon do so. And while you may think these services are only for the purpose of aesthetics and removing unsightly dead trees, there are actually numerous practical and safety-related reasons why removing dead trees is very important. Let’s go over some of the basics here, including why trees die, the signs of dead trees on your property, and some of the risks of avoiding removal.

risks delaying dead tree removal

When Trees Die

When trees die due to aging reasons or those not specifically caused by pests or early disease, they typically do so by becoming dry and brittle. This is due to a lack of moisture and nutrients they’re able to receive, often because their root systems are no longer capable of ingesting these properly.

While living trees are able to absorb and transport moisture and its accompanying nutrients to all necessary areas, dead or dying ones aren’t as able to hydrate themselves. They’ll become more likely to break, particularly in thinner areas.

Signs of Dead Trees

Some of the noticeable signs of dead trees on your property include the following:

  • Bark that’s peeling away or falling off
  • Broken or damaged limbs
  • Discolored or clearly dead leaves
  • Large cracks or crevices in the trunk of the tree
  • Significant infestations of wood-boring insects

Falling Risks

While there are also concerns with regard to the way dead trees impact their surrounding areas and other plants nearby, the primary risk for the physical property itself, and the people living on it, is falling. One of the first signs of a dying tree is branches that begin to crack and break off, due in part to less weight and structural balance holding them in place and also as a result of wind or other elements. These can put animals, humans and even other plants at risk.

And it’s not only branches that can fall – dead trees can fall in their entirety if they aren’t removed promptly. This can lead to everything from minor damage to a total loss of your home if the tree is large enough and in the wrong position.

Professional Removal

If you’ve noticed some of the signs above that signal a dead tree on your property, we highly discourage attempting to remove it yourself unless you have professional training in this field. Rather, call our experts to avoid any risks of injury or damaging your property.

For more on how we can help with tree removal, or for information on any of our tree trimming and care services, contact the pros at Reliable Tree Care today.