Tree Insect Control: All About Bark Beetles

Tree insect control treatments can keep destructive pests from wreaking havoc on your trees and shrubs.

Bark beetles are among the most damaging insects in northern Utah. These pests are a significant cause of tree death, and the problem grows progressively worse each year. If you have any stressed or weakened trees, they could be at risk for infestation.


Fortunately, with the help of an expert tree insect control service, bark beetles won’t stand a chance.

What Are Bark Beetles?

Bark beetles are tiny, cylindrical insects that bore into and feed on a tree’s inner bark. One of these pests on its own can’t do much damage, but these bugs don’t stay alone for long. As they feed, they release chemicals that attract other beetles.

Several species of these pests — including the banded elm bark beetle, spruce beetle, fir engraver and shot-hole borer — are common in northern Utah. Most species are black, brown or dark red, and their larvae is typically off-white and grublike in appearance. However, since these insects are only about the size of a grain of rice, identifying them can be challenging.

How Do You Know if Your Trees Are Infested?

You may not be able to easily see these destructive pests, but signs of a potential infestation can be noticeable.

A fading tree crown may indicate a bark beetle problem. In most cases of infestation, the crown dies out from the top down, gradually reaching the lower portions of the tree.

Beetle exit holes are another sign of an infestation problem. Often, as the beetles exit a tree, they leave a shotgun-like pattern of holes behind.

How Does a Tree Insect Control Service Manage Bark Beetles?

Prevention is key to keeping these calamitous critters in check. Once trees are under assault, treatment becomes much more difficult.

An insect control service has several tricks to hold off bark beetle infestation. Areas of densely packed tree growth can be thinned to keep trees healthy enough to withstand an attack, for example. Susceptible trees can also be protected with a preventive insecticide treatment.

Experts in Utah tree insect infestation prevention can recommend the best approach to managing all types of destructive pests. The professionals at Reliable Tree Care, serving the greater Salt Lake City area for over 20 years, have the skills and experience to manage insects with minimal environmental impact.

For a free comprehensive yard evaluation with the Reliable Tree Care team, or to learn more about our tree insect control services for managing bark beetles and other intrusive insects, contact our Murray office today.