Tree Insect Control: Pests that Infest Ornamental Aspens

If you have ornamental aspens on your property, you may need a professional tree insect control service.

Aspens thrive in the forests of the Intermountain West, but they aren’t as well adapted to the environmental conditions of the Wasatch Front. When aspens are planted outside their preferred region, they’re more susceptible to insect infestations.

tree insect control aspens

Several pests can cause problems for ornamental aspen trees. But with professional tree insect control service, you can avoid four types of insects that commonly infest aspens.

Aspen Borers

A few different species of boring beetles like to infest ornamental aspen trees, tunneling into the trunks and weakening the wood.

The most effective method of insect control for aspen borers is to maintain vigorous tree health. Systemic insecticides can also be helpful, applied to soil within the dripline or injected into the trunk. Tree insect services may also include trunk sprays to prevent borer infestations.

Tent Caterpillars

Western tent caterpillars defoliate ornamental aspens by creating a webbed tent around groups of leaves as protection against predators.

While these pests don’t normally cause tree death, infestation is rather unsightly. Insect control of tent caterpillars may involve pruning webbed limbs as they appear or carefully burning the tents. If the leaves are completely covered, a microbial insecticide spray of the canopy may be used. For aspens that are too large for a canopy spray, a systemic insecticide can be injected into the trunk or applied to the roots.

Aspen Leaf Miners

Leaf miners munch on aspen leaves, and their feeding activity results in ugly blotches and winding patterns.

As most leaf miner infestations don’t have a significant impact on tree health, insect control isn’t always necessary. If treatment is a must — either due to the amount of damage or the look of the leaves — insecticide can be applied to the foliage.

Oyster Shell Scale Insects

Oyster shell scale infestations form unsightly crusting on ornamental aspen limbs and twigs. Often, these insects cause enough damage to kill branches or even entire trees.

Tree insect services treat oyster-shell-infected aspens by suffocating overwintering scale with a dormant oil in the spring before bud break. Systemic insecticides may also be considered, or oyster shell activity may be controlled with sticky bands and contact insecticides on infested branches.

Aspen Galls

Galls aren’t technically a type of insect. Rather, they’re swollen growths on twigs, leaves and leaf buds formed by several types of pests.

Pests dwelling within aspen galls aren’t susceptible to insecticides, but adults that emerge can be suppressed. Tree insect control services may use contact insecticides to kill off the adult pests, and limbs with heavy galling may be pruned.

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