Tree Services: Fast-Growing Trees

Fast Growing Trees

Part of being able to provide quality tree services includes knowing which trees grow fastest.

You can always choose to plant a mature tree that’s already large, or you can take a more cost-effective route and choose local, native trees that are known to grow quickly. Your arborist can help you narrow down the best species for your location and soil.

The empress tree is a popular pick that explodes with light-pink blossoms in the spring and can grow up to 50 feet in just three years.

The willow hybrid is the quickest-growing willow. It’s good to plant along long drives because it grows tall, uniformly, and makes for great privacy. It can grow up to 40 feet in the first three years, and can reach 75 feet at its mature height. You’ll notice the willow hybrid along luxury estate driveways, but it’s a surprisingly affordable tree to plant.

Bigger Is Better

Many homeowners want fast-growing trees to double as privacy fences or to break up otherwise flat landscapes. The Lombardy poplar is a great choice, and also is planted in rows like the willow hybrid, but has a fatter and more uniquely shaped body. It can grow up to 40 feet in three years and reach up to 60 feet when fully mature.

The Arapaho crepe myrtle is a gorgeous tree that bursts into bright red blooms for half of the year. It has an expansive canopy and grows 3 to 5 feet in three years. It’s rare for a crepe to be red, and this one can reach 25 feet at maturity. These trees are popular partly for the privacy they can provide, partly for their beauty, but also because of how quickly they grow.

The Need for Speed

You might enjoy the dawn redwood, which often is planted on golf courses. It’s luscious and green, but requires a lot of water, which makes it ideal for wetter regions. It grows up to 20 feet in three years and can reach 50 feet fully grown. It also complements other trees, shrubs and flowers beautifully, making it a foundational tree for larger lots.

With the autumn purple ash, you get a lovely round shape and a smorgasbord of colors come fall. Each autumn, purple ash might have slightly different hues, but many are warm and pastel. Expect 20 feet of growth in three years and up to 70 feet of height when this tree is fully grown.

Another fantastic option is the autumn blaze maple, aptly named for its leaves that turn fire red in the fall. It also grows 20 feet in three years and reaches a maximum height of 50 feet.

Other options include the gingko tree, which achieves 70 feet at mature height; the Italian cypress, which grows to 40 feet; and the river birch, which can reach 50 feet. Always choose a tree that’s native to your area that will do well in your soil.

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