Tree Services — When to Hire a Professional

Can you handle your own tree services? Or should you hire a tree care professional to take care of your trees?

With proper upkeep, trees can enhance your landscape and add value to your property. Though some jobs are best left to a certified arborist, not every tree care task requires expertise. Most homeowners can easily manage the three DIY tree services below.


No. 1: Weeding Trees

Weeds can impede how your trees grow and develop, as they strip much-needed moisture and nutrients from the soil.

Weeding trees is a simple job — just look for unwanted plants near the trunk and pull or dig them up. A post-emergent herbicide can also work to kill the weeds, but you may want to ask a professional before using one. Some products could harm your trees, particularly if they aren’t applied correctly.

No. 2: Mulching Trees

Mulch protects trees from temperature fluctuations, reduces moisture loss and helps prevent weeds from growing.

Mulching trees isn’t difficult, but it needs to be done properly. You’ll need to apply a layer about 2 to 4 inches thick around the base of each tree, extending out to the drip line and avoiding the trunk and root flare. Organic mulch is preferred; for specific recommendations, speak with a certified arborist.

No. 3: Basic Pruning

Pruning promotes strong growth, as removing loose, dead and diseased branches helps safeguard the future health of your trees.

Unfortunately, pruning is not always a good idea for DIY tree services. You can cut small, low-hanging branches that are obvious problems. However, removing limbs that are large, heavy or high up is too dangerous to do on your own. And because it can be difficult to determine which branches need to be removed, you may want to hire a certified arborist for seasonal pruning.

When Should You Hire a Tree Care Professional?

DIY tree services can help your trees, but sometimes they need more than just basic weeding, mulching and pruning.

If any of your trees show signs of foliage, bark or structural changes — such as leaf damage, discolored bark or dead branches — you may want to hire a tree care professional.

In addition, if maintenance becomes too difficult or you have concerns about completing a task properly, contact a certified arborist. Hiring a professional is also smart for tree services like seasonal pruning, soil care, tree removal and insect control — jobs in which expertise is a must.

A certified arborist is trained and equipped to provide proper care and maintenance, keeping your trees at their best all year long. You may prefer to save money with DIY tree services, but getting a helping hand from a professional now and then can be a wise decision.

The Reliable Tree Care team provides expert service at an affordable price to homeowners throughout northern Utah. To schedule a free comprehensive yard evaluation, or to talk to a tree care professional about our tree services, contact our Murray office today.